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Hendrix the Husky

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Description  Anthropomorphic Dog
Related mascot(s)  Harry the Husky
First seen  2009
Hendrix the Husky
University  University of Washington Tacoma

Hendrix the Husky is a mascot for University of Washington Tacoma. He's seen at certain events around school such as Husky Hangouts, new-student orientations, and Movie nights. As of April 4th, 2013, Hendrix is 4 years old.



In summer 2008, the Student Activity Board wanted to adopt a school mascot for the university. Not long after, the school Spirit and Traditions chair began to work on the idea. They teamed up with Student Affairs and Husky Athletics, and eventually 9 months later, the dream of a school mascot had come to pass. When this husky mascot was born, UW tacoma students were asked to vote on what to name him, it had to start with "H". Several names like Hayley, Hilda, and Humphrey were submitted to the ballot. Second most voted name was "Hauser", but most popular name came to be "Hendrix". Rumor says Hendrix was named after a Seattle rockstar Jimi Hendrix.


Hendrix is a husky who often wears a UW jersey and shorts of some kind. His enlightening spirit and enthusiasm is spread by his energetic handshakes and innocent curiosity. All spirit around campus is led by him, and he usually travels with a handler. It's unknown if Hendrix can speak: no one has heard voice, but it's rumored he can speak at a high frequency. Students say he loves to sing, but the one showcase he was about to sing, the sound system began to malfunction. Students around campus always seek to learn more about Hendrix's true identity. Hendrix is most likely the brother of Harry the Husky and Holly the Husky. He loves to get fist bumps.


Hendrix the Husky Wikipedia

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