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Hemiphyllodactylus aurantiacus

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Kingdom  Animalia
Family  Gekkonidae
Phylum  Chordata
Rank  Species
Suborder  Sauria
Genus  Hemiphyllodactylus
Higher classification  Hemiphyllodactylus
Order  Scaled reptiles
Hemiphyllodactylus aurantiacus wwwreptariumczcontentphotord03Hemiphyllodac
Scientific name  Hemiphyllodactylus aurantiacus
Similar  Hemiphyllodactylus, Hemidactylus reticulatus, Indian golden gecko, Scaled reptiles, Cyrtodactylus adleri

Hemiphyllodactylus aurantiacus is a species of gecko with a restricted distribution in the hills of southern India.



Head oviform, longer than broad; snout rounded, very convex, slightly shorter than, distance between eye and ear-opening, l.3 times the diameter of orbit; ear-opening very small, round. Body elongate, more so in females than in males; limbs short, fore limb measuring half the distance between axilla and groin, or rather less. Digits short, free, inner very small, rudimentary; only two large chevron-shaped divided lamellae under the distal part of the digits, followed by transverse undivided lamellae, decreasing in width. Head covered with very minute granules; rostral and mental very small, former four-sided, latter pentagonal or triangular; nostril pierced between rostral, first labial, and several granules; labials very small, 9 or 10 upper and as many lower, no chin-shields. Back covered with very small granular scales, abdominal scales a little larger, flat, imbricate. Male with an angular series of 7 to 9 preanal pores. Tail cylindrical, tapering, covered with small imbricated smooth scales, larger below. Grey-brown above, with, along the head and back, dark-brown undulating lines, which may be broken up into spots; a dark brown streak from the tip of the snout to the fore limb, passing through the eye; whitish dots scattered on the head and back; tail with darker spots or annuli and two large whitish black-edged spots at the base, frequently and two large whitish black-edged spots at the base, frequently confluent mesially. Lower surfaces whitish, more or less speckled with brownish.

From snout to vent 1.4 in (36 mm); tail 1.25 in (32 mm).


S India (Anamallays = Anailmalais, Western Ghats, Bangalore, Kolli Hills) Type locality: "Shevaroys, under stones about Yercaud and elsewhere, at an elevation of 4,000 feet".


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