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Hemi cuboctahedron

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Edges  12
Vertex configuration
Vertices  6
Schläfli symbol  r{3,4}/2 or r{3,4}3
Type  abstract polyhedron globally projective polyhedron
Faces  7: 4 triangles 3 squares

A hemi-cuboctahedron is an abstract polyhedron, containing half the faces of a semiregular cuboctahedron.


It has 4 triangular faces and 3 square faces, 12 edges, and 6 vertices. It can be seen as a rectified hemi-octahedron or rectified hemi-cube.

It can be realized as a projective polyhedron (a tessellation of the real projective plane by 4 triangles and 3 square), which can be visualized by constructing the projective plane as a hemisphere where opposite points along the boundary are connected.


Its dual polyhedron is a rhombic hemi-dodecahedron which has 7 vertices (1-7), 12 edges (a-l), and 6 rhombic faces (A-F).

Related polyhedra

It has a real presentation as a uniform star polyhedron, the tetrahemihexahedron.


Hemi-cuboctahedron Wikipedia

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