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Hello (1999 film)

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Country  India
Director  K. Selva Bharathy
Language  Tamil
Hello (1999 film) movie poster

Release date  7 November 1999

Hello is a 1999 Tamil romantic film directed and written by K. Selva Bharathy. The film stars Prashanth and Preeti Jhangiani in the lead roles, while Sujitha plays a supporting role. The film was released during November 1999 and had an average performance at the box office.



Chandru (Prashanth) works in a flower shop owned by Manivannan. Chandru tries to woo girls and enter into relationship, but somehow it does not materialize. His friends Charle and Vaiyapuri tease him for being unable to find a girlfriend. Chandru has a plan to prevent them making fun of him. Chandru requests his close friend Gayatri (Sujitha) to come to temple along with some of her friend, so that Chandru would introduce as his girlfriend to his friends.

Chandru takes Charle and Vaiyapuri with him to temple with plans of introducing Gayatri’s friend as his lover. But unfortunately Gayatri does not turn up that day and Chandru simply points out a girl (Preeti Jhangiani) among the crowd in the temple as his lover to his friends. Chandru pretends as if he is talking frequently over phone to his lover so that his friends would believe him.

Suresh (Suresh) is the friend of Charle and comes to Chennai to visit a girl for marriage proposal. Suresh is introduced to Chandru and they become good friends. Charle and Vaiyapuri accompany Suresh while he goes to meet the girl. The girl is none other than Swetha (Preeti Jhangiani). Charle and Vaiyapuri inform Suresh that Swetha is in love with Chandru. Suresh feels bad that he has come to meet his friend’s lover. All three leave the place without informing them.

Suresh apologizes to Chandru for the incident happened which shocks him. Meanwhile Swetha’s brother (Ranjith) gets furious and meets Charle and asks for the reason for them to stop the marriage proposal. Charle reveals that his friend Chandru and Swetha are in love. Ranjith scolds Swetha despite trying to prove her innocence. Swetha feels bad that no one in her family trusts her.

Swetha consumes poison and is admitted in the hospital. Also Ranjith beats up Charle and Vaiyapuri and they are also admitted in the same hospital. Chandru comes to the hospital to meet his friends and is surprised to know that Gayatri and Swetha are good friends. Gayatri tells about Swetha consuming poison which makes Chandru feels guilty that he is responsible for all the fiasco at Swetha’s house.

With the help of Gayatri, Chandru gets introduced to Swetha but Chandru does not disclose the truth to her. Slowly Swetha and Chandru become good friends. Chandru also earns the trust of Swetha’s family members. Gayatri gets to know that Swetha loves Chandru and she inform Chandru about this. Swetha’s family also like Chandru and they decide to get them married.

One day, Suresh comes to wish Chandru knowing about his marriage. Swetha’s family members get shocked seeing Chandru and Suresh together. Finally Chandru reveals all the truth and apologizes and clarifies that his intention is not to cheat Swetha. Swetha’s family members get convinced and they unite at the end.


Hello 1999.jpg
  • Prashanth as Chandru
  • Preeti Jhangiani as Swetha
  • Ranjith
  • Manivannan
  • Senthil
  • R. Sundarrajan
  • Kaka Radhakrishnan
  • Charlie
  • Vaiyapuri
  • Suresh
  • Kanal Kannan
  • Ilavarasi
  • Sujitha as Gayathri
  • Production

    The film marked the second venture for director K. Selva Bharathy, while it also featured Preeti Jhangiani in her first Tamil film. Being unfamiliar with the language, Preeti mouthed her longer on-screen dialogues in Hindi, and was later dubbed over by a voice artist. The actress also noted that the production of Hello was completed swiftly.


    The film score and the soundtrack were composed by film composer Deva. The soundtrack, released in 1999, features 6 tracks. Salam gulamu was actually written by Na. Muthukumar. But in the movie it was titled as Vairamuthu.


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