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Hell Date

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7.3/10 TV

Original network  BET
First episode date  2007
Network  BET
Executive producer  Rob Dames
8.6/10 IMDb

Country of origin  United States
Original release  2007 – 2008
Final episode date  2008
Cast  Chris Hollyfield
The original cast of BET’s “Hell Date”
Location(s)  Season 1 Los Angeles, CA, Season 2 Atlanta, GA
Running time  30 minutes (including commercials)
Similar  Disaster Date, Love Cruise, The Singles Project

Bgi hell date

Hell Date was a dating show on Black Entertainment Television (BET).



Hell Date Season Two

The show started with one unsuspecting date telling the viewers who his/her ideal mate is. This individual thinks that he/she is on a standard dating show, such as "Blind Date", where both daters have gone on a TV show to look for love. However, in this case the second dater is actually an actor portraying a genuine dater. This actor, known as a "Hell Dater", portrays a character who has an incredibly annoying personality trait which is typical of the single worst date that most people have ever been on.

Tv series poster of Hell Date

As the date progresses, the Hell Dater becomes increasingly more extreme in their off-putting behavior, making life more and more miserable for the unsuspecting dater. Finally, the victimized dater is put out of their misery when a little person dressed as a devil jumps out, pokes them with a pitchfork, and exclaims, "You on Hell Date!"

The show was created by Peter M. Cohen and produced by Peter M. Cohen Productions.

The cast of BET’s “Hell Date”

Some of the episodes featured a Mama's Boy Hell Dater, overly competitive Hell Dater, the Hell Dater who is on the rebound and the gross Hell Dater with bad eating habits.

The Hell Daters (Lead Actors/Cast)

Tv series poster of Hell Date
  • Pierre Antonio
  • Calvin Cyrus
  • Garrick Dixon
  • Daheli Hall
  • Pedro Hernandez
  • Michael James
  • Thela Brown
  • Zainab Johnson
  • Andrew Flavin
  • Donnivin Jordan
  • Nichole A. Joubert
  • Amy Lawhorn
  • Chenese Lewis
  • Sam Lewis
  • Chuanda Mason
  • Dawan Owens
  • Sebrina Revelle
  • Zakiya "Kiya" Roberts
  • Simone Shepherd
  • Mona Valentine
  • Keedar Whittle
  • Farelle Walker
  • Kelly Park
  • Plot

    Female casts of Hell Date, 2007 tv series

    The second season began on July 14, 2008 and feature a different type of format in that there are now three "Hell Daters" who are coached by the "devil" prior to the date and one "innocent victim!" All three Hell Daters go on the first date together and as the date segment progresses one Hell Dater is eliminated. This new format is similar to the ElimiDATE series except that the first two Hell Daters are eliminated during the first date. The final 30 minutes of the show includes only one Hell Dater and the "victim" and is in a similar format to season one.The show has not been since the summer of 2008 (indicating a possibly unannounced cancellation).

    The Hell Daters (Lead Actors/Cast)

  • Chris "The Devil" Hollyfield
  • Calvin Cyrus
  • Aikisha Holly
  • References

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