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Heliconia tortuosa

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Heliconiaceae
Scientific name  Heliconia tortuosa
Order  Zingiberales
Genus  Heliconia
Rank  Species
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Similar  Heliconia hirsuta, Heliconia episcopalis, Heliconia pogonantha, Heliconia obscura, Heliconia aurantiaca

Hummingbirds acting as nectar robbers at heliconia tortuosa

Heliconia tortuosa is an herbaceous tropical perennial commonly found in secondary succession in montane forests in Central America and southern Mexico (Chiapas and Tabasco). It is moderately shade tolerant. It has also been widely cultivated as a garden plant for its showy, usually twisted (hence the name tortuosa) inflorescences.


Heliconia tortuosa is selective with its pollination, allowing only green hermit and violet sabrewing hummingbirds to pollinate its flowers.

Time lapse video of a growing inflorescence of heliconia tortuosa griggs


Heliconia tortuosa Wikipedia

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