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Helicigona lapicida

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Kingdom  Animalia
Superfamily  Helicoidea
Genus  Helicigona
Phylum  Mollusca
Class  Gastropoda
Family  Helicidae
Scientific name  Helicigona lapicida
Rank  Species
Helicigona lapicida helicigona lapicida france planche Helicidae Ariantinae He Flickr
Similar  Helicigona, Helicodonta obvoluta, Isognomostoma isognomostomos, Discus rotundatus, Chilostoma

Helicigona lapicida andorrica

Helicigona lapicida is a species of medium-sized, air-breathing land snail, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the family Helicidae, the typical snails.


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Helicigona lapicida skalnice k lnat


This species of snail makes and uses love darts during mating.


This species is native to Europe, especially Central Europe.

Shell description

Helicigona lapicida Helicigona lapicida Wikiwand

The shell of this species is approximately 20 mm in maximum dimension. The periphery of the shell is sharply keeled. There is a wide umbilicus. The peristome around the aperture is white and strongly reflected and lipped. The shell color is grey-brown with some red brown patches.

Helicigona lapicida Steenbikker Wikipedia


Helicigona lapicida Wikipedia

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