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Helden (band)

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Years active  1980–1983
Associated acts  Ultravox, Zaine Griff
Genres  Synth-pop, New wave
Labels  ZiCa, EMI
Record label  EMI
Past members  Warren Cann, Hans Zimmer
Similar  Hans Zimmer, Warren Cann, Zaine Griff, Bruce Woolley, Chris Cross

Helden was an electronic new wave project formed in the summer of 1980 by future successful film-musician Hans Zimmer and then Ultravox drummer Warren Cann. The project also featured guest participations of singers Zaine Griff and Linda Jardim. (now: Allan)

During 1979 and 1980, Zimmer and Cann were constantly working along as part of the backing band of New Zealand singer Zaine Griff, and were also doing TV presentations as part of the guest line-up of musicians with The Buggles. With Griff, the duo were touring in 1979, played with Griff at Reading '79 Festival and played for his debut album Ashes and Diamonds, released in 1980.

In the summer of 1980, Zimmer and Cann established a 'changing project' (not a band) while discussing the possibility of writing and recording an 'adventure' album.

In the next autumn, the project began to work, recording material. In March 1983, the forthcoming album was destined to be called Spies. The album consisted of 12 songs - recorded with synthesizers and computers. Some songs only instrumental (Mother Company, Pyramids Of The Reich, Moonlight In Vermont and Eva. The other songs all had vocals by (mostly) Zaine Griff and Linda Jardim (Allan), but also Hugo Vereker and French singer Ronny. Some songs are similar to Zaine Griff's songs on the album Figvres (where Hans Zimmer also did instrumental arrangements, keyboards and computers): Stranded, Borderline, Holding On. Other songs remind of the worldwide hit song "Video Killed The Radio Star" by The Buggles - where Zimmer also contributed: Young & Scientific, 2529 and Movies for Eva, while some songs sound more theatrical and dramatic: The Ball and My Killing Hand.

The album was meant to be released in 1983, but that was canceled. Fans urged to release the album and when that did not happen it was later unofficially released as bootleg. Another parts of their repertoire and some live interviews that are compiled into a compilation album called Radio One Saturday Live. The band's two singles, Holding On (a duet of Zaine Griff and Linda Jardim) and Stranded, were officially released on their own label ZiCa Records, autumn 1983.

Helden material featured Zaine Griff, Linda Jardim (now Allan), Eddie Maelov (of Gloria Mundi and Eddie And Sunshine), Ronny, Thin Lizzy guitarist Brian Robertson, among others.

By the time Cann and Zimmer ended the project, both went to collaborate with Spanish new wave band Mecano in their 1984-85 tour. Part of the tour were featured on the live album Mecano: En Concierto, released in 1985.

Ultravox official fan page announced the Spies album would be released on CD for first time, with bonus material. The exact date was not mentioned, but it's said to be in plans since 1993. However until now it never happened, in spite of urging fans of Hans Zimmer, Zaine Griff and Warren Cann. (Ultravox)


  • Holding On 7" & 12" singles (ZiCa 001, 1983)
  • Stranded 7" single (198?, re-released 2009)
  • Spies album (bootleg)
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