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Held by the Enemy (film)

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Distributed by  Paramount Pictures
Initial release  1920
Written by  Beulah Marie Dix
Cast  Agnes Ayres, Lewis Stone
Running time  6 reels
Director  Donald Crisp
Cinematography  Charles Schoenbaum
Held by the Enemy (film)
Directed by  Donald Crisp Wilton Welch
Based on  Held by the Enemy by William Gillette
Starring  Agnes Ayres Lewis Stone
Release date  October 24, 1920 (1920-10-24)
Produced by  Adolph Zukor, Jesse L. Lasky
Similar  The Way of a Man with a Maid, The Six Best Cellars, Too Much Johnson, The Poor Boob, Lost in Transit

Held by the Enemy is a lost 1920 American silent Civil War melodrama film directed by Donald Crisp and based on the 1886 play by William Gillette. The film starred Agnes Ayres, Lewis Stone, and Jack Holt. It was produced by Famous Players-Lasky and distributed by Paramount Pictures.



As described in a film magazine, Rachel Hayne (Ayres), whose husband, a Southern soldier, is believed to have died in battle, renews a former love affair with Union fighter Colonel Charles Prescott (Holt). She also cultivates the friendship of another Northerner, Brigade Surgeon Fielding (Cain), for the purpose of obtaining quinine from him to pass on to Southern soldiers. Prescott is about to avow his love when the husband Captain Gordon Haine (Stone) returns. When Hayne is recaptured as a spy, Fielding accuses Prescott of trumping up the charge to dispose of the husband. Hayne escapes from his imprisonment, but is then recaptured, and after several incidents commits suicide. This leaves the love road free for his former wife, who never loved him, and the man to whom she has given her heart.


  • Agnes Ayres as Rachel Hayne
  • Wanda Hawley as Emmy McCreery
  • Josephine Crowell as Sarah Hayne
  • Lillian Leighton as Clarissa
  • Lewis Stone as Captain Gordon Haine
  • Jack Holt as Colonel Charles Prescott
  • Robert Cain as Brigade Surgeon Fielding
  • Walter Hiers as Thomas Beene
  • Robert Brower as Uncle Rufus
  • Clarence Geldart as Major General Stanton
  • Byron Douglas
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