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Hazboun (Arabic:حزبون) is the surname of a native Christian family from Bethlehem, a town in the West Bank (Palestine).

The Hazboun family’s legendary history is said to have included ancestors from the royal family in Portugal that migrated to The Holy Land (Bethlehem, Palestine) during one of The Crusades. Although the family name predates paper records, church records indicate that the common documented ancestor of the living family, was born in Ottoman Palestine in 1610, was called Sulaiman Hazboun.

The Hazboun family name originally comes from biblical Heshbon, or Hesbon in Southern Jordan, now Hisban. The Hazboun name has evolved into different spelling variations due to the universal dispersal and relocation of families: Hazboun, Hazboon, Hazbun, Hazbon, Hasbun, Hasboun, Hasbon, Àsbun, Jasbon, etc. Currently, the family is found throughout the world, especially in all parts of the Americas and some parts of Europe and the Middle East.

Notable people with the surname include:

  • Juan Pereda Asbún, politician and former president of Bolivia
  • Luis Liendo Asbún, Chilean football player
  • Ibrahim Hazboun (born 1947), Palestinian astrologer
  • Sabine Hazboun (born 1994), Palestinian swimmer
  • Nadya Hazbounova, Palestinian Fashion designer
  • Alfredo Hasbun, Chilean Arabian Horse breeder, owner of 2007 World Arabian Horse Organisation trophy winner
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