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Haworthia nigra

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Kingdom  Plantae
Clade  Monocots
Family  Asphodelaceae
Rank  Species
Clade  Angiosperms
Order  Asparagales
Subfamily  Asphodeloideae
Haworthia nigra worldofsucculentscomwpcontentuploads201607H
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Haworthia nigra is a species of flowering succulent plant from the Western and Eastern Cape Provinces, South Africa.



Haworthia nigra Haworthia nigra

H.nigra typically grows its leaves in three tiers (though some varieties have multifarious leaf arrangement). The leaves, which are a very dark green to brownish black, are covered in dark tubercles, and are packed densely along its stems.


Haworthia nigra Haworthia nigra

Within the genus Haworthia, the species forms part of the subgenus Hexangulares. More specifically, it falls within section Trifariae ("Three-tiered") together with its close relative Haworthia viscosa (and its other relatives Haworthia sordida, Haworthia scabra and Haworthia starkiana).

Haworthia nigra Haworthia nigra var diversifolia World of Succulents

Recent phylogenetic studies have demonstrated that subgenus Hexangulares is actually relatively unrelated to other Haworthias (being more closely related to Gasterias. It will therefore comprise a new, separate genus, Haworthiopsis, and this species will accordingly become "Haworthiopsis nigra".


Haworthia nigra Haworthia nigra

This species extends across the southern part of South Africa. The variety "diversifolia" occurs in the west of its range, in the Western Cape Province around Loeriesfontein. The type variety "nigra" occurs to the east of its range, in the Eastern Cape as far east as East London.

Haworthia nigra Haworthia nigra Wikipedia

Within this range, it typically grows in very well-drained sandy soil, usually under a bush or rocks which serve as partial protection from the sun.

Haworthia nigra Photo Haworthia nigra v elongata Haworthia 4 NZ album Cok


Haworthia nigra Wikipedia

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