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Hare Force

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Genre  Family, Animation, Short
Film series  Merrie Melodies
Producer  Leon Schlesinger
Language  English
7.2/10 IMDb

Director  Friz Freleng
Writer  Tedd Pierce (story)
Music director  Carl Stalling
Hare Force movie poster
Release date  July 22, 1944 (USA)
Cast  Mel Blanc (Bugs Bunny), Bea Benaderet (Granny), Kent Rogers (Sylvester)
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Hare Force is a 1944 Warner Bros. cartoon in the Merrie Melodies series, directed by Friz Freleng and starring Bugs Bunny and an old lady. Although the title is an obvious play on Air Force, the cartoon's plot has nothing to do with the military. "As Time Goes By" is sung in this short by Sylvester the dog (not to be confused with Sylvester the cat) and Bugs at different points.


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On a cold and snowy night, Bugs wangles his way into the good graces, and more importantly, the house, belonging to an old lady (voiced by Bea Benaderet). Sylvester, her dog (voiced by writer Tedd Pierce), takes an instant dislike to the Bunny, and most of the cartoon is spent with the two tricking each other into going outside the house and getting locked out. Finally they get into a schtick where they are each throwing the other out the front door in turn, in quick succession. The old lady, fed up with all the bickering by now, intervenes (out of frame) and tells them both to get out, when suddenly she is thrown out, startled and indignant. Bugs and the dog have made peace, and are lazing by the fire. Bugs turns to the audience and says, in typical fashion, "Gee, ain't I a stinker?"


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The story is very similar in concept to Hiss and Make Up (1943) where Granny warns her constantly feuding pets that she would throw them out into the snow if she hears any more noise.


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This cartoon is available on the Looney Tunes Golden Collection DVD set (volume three, disc one) uncut. It can also be found on the "Bugs Bunny: Hollywood Legend" VHS, the "Starring Bugs Bunny" VHS, the "Looney Tunes Collectors Edition: Canine Corps" VHS from Columbia House, and the "Bugs Bunny Classics" laserdisc.


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