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Books  Jesus' Bluff: The Universal Scandal of the World

Hans Henning Atrott, also Hans Atrott, (born 12 January 1944 in Memel, East Prussia now Klaipéda, Lithuania) is notable for his commitment in worldwide right-to-die movement and as a critic of Christianity.

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Descent and Childhood

His father was Protestant minister at James Church in Memel. Both parents did not survive World War II. As child he was with his maternal grandparents and in Christian boarding schools.

Education and Activities as Student

He studied philosophy, political science and sociology (of medicine) at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and the Bavarian School of Public Policy. As student from 1969 - 1971, he was federal, i.e., national, chairman of the Association of East Prussian Students in Germany (Studentenbund Ostpreußen).

Commitment to voluntary Euthanasia

Atrott is the founder and first president of the German society for voluntary euthanasia (D.G.H.S.) then based in Augsburg, Bavaria, and former secretary (executive director) of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies. He introduced living wills ("Patientenverfüuegungen") in Germany and was the first to promote voluntary euthanasia after World War II within Germany.


He published his theories in his books "Jesus' Bluff - The universal Scandal of the World (M. Magnes)", in 2009 and in 2015 "Cross and Crime - Jesus Came to Crucify the World (The Gospel of Philip)." Both books have been translated into Spanish, the latter, in addition, into French.


Since 1978 he has been married to Anita Atrott (born March 7, 1958). Atrott left Germany in 1995. He is a father and grandfather. Depending on the seasons of a year, today, he shares his time between Klaipéda, (Lithuania), Los Gigantes (Spain) and Switzerland, where his descendants also live.


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