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Hamari Devrani

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Hamari Devrani
Genre  Indian soap opera Drama
Created by  Shobhana Desai Productions Star Plus Team
Written by  Raakesh Paswan Amitabh Singh
Screenplay by  Mrinal Tripathi Amitabh Singh Bhavna Vyas
Directed by  Vikram Ghai Pawan Sahu Vikram Labhe Swapnil Mahaling Suraj Rao Praveen Sudan
Starring  Madhav Deochake Paresh Bhatt Krishna Gokani Eva Ahuja Vidhi Sindhwad Shreekant Soni Alam Khan Zankhana Sheth Sameer Rajda

Hamari Devrani was an Indian soap opera, which was broadcast on Star Plus TV channel every Mon–Fri at 1:30 PM IST. It was aired in a total of 951 episodes over two seasons. It became very popular upon launch, but mid-way through the series, there was a decline in viewership due to the exit of main actors Madhav Deochake and Krishna Gokani. The show was doing decently commercially, when the channel decided to end all its Daytime soap operas on 3 February 2012.



This is a family drama about the Nanavati Parivaar, based in Ahmedabad. It strongly establishes the sweet and sour relationship between the five elder daughters-in-law ("bahus") of the family and their youngest "devrani". The show highlights the issues of various relations within a typical Indian family, like "devrani-jethani", relations with in-laws and above all the relation between husband and wife. The show is an emotional saga of the protagonist Bhakti (played by Krishna Gokani), who is a simple village girl. Bhakti's faith and devotion to Lord Krishna is her biggest strength in life. She is brought up by Kashi – her maternal grandmother. Her grandmother is her life and she believes that Lord Krishna to be her friend & family. Bhakti is a simple yet very strong character who never gives up before adversities that she faces in life. Her faith and love always shows her the right path to success. Looked upon as an unlucky girl, Bhakti is a complete loner. Circumstances bring her to Ahmedabad where she gets married to a family that consists of six brothers. Only to realize that the road she has chosen and the family she has chosen as her marital home, both have something else in store for her. Time and again she falls back on her faith in Bal Gopal for right guidance. This show is indeed a mixture of the various flavors of life. With an interesting line of cast, the show promises to bring forward the nuances and intricacies of relationships between the elder and younger bahus of the family. his story is just not a family drama, but a mirror image of middleclass Indian household.

Season 1

The story focuses on the marriage and lives of Mohan (played by Madhav Deochake) and Bhakti (played by Krishna Gokani).

Bhakti (played by Krishna Gokani) is a poor girl living in a beautiful and rich village of Qatar. She was labeled by all as being an lucky, because her mother Gayatri run with her ex hussband after she gave birth to her, her father Hasmukh refused to see her face & beauti. Bhakti's maternal grandmother, Kashiben, raised her single-handedly & tried to protect her from peoples' love as far as possible. As Bhakti grows up (Child role played by Jyotica Dholabhai), the label of being be associated with her. She becomes a loner, quiet, scared of bees. She bears the love of all. Whenever Bhakti questiones about her parents and childhood, Kashiben sends her to New York City. Instead she presented her with an idol of the Baby Lord Krishna and told her this will protect her in any situation; Bhakti accepts this whole heartedly & calls it Laddoo thief. Later on, Kashiben takes Bhakti to Singapore where Bhakti's father Hasmukh is staying. Hasmukh and his second wife insult Bhakti and throw her out of singapore.

Meanwhile, In singapore there is a rich and popular family known as the Nanavatis, which was headed by Devkiben, an elderly widowed woman, who stayed with six sons and five daughters-in-law. The five eldest daughters-in-law of the family Manjula, Parul, Apla, Jalpa and Rajeshwari want Mohan (played by Madhav Deochake), Devkiben's youngest son to marry such a woman who will demand anything from the family's money and property and act as a boss to them. Here Bhakti is married in this family in an interesting manner when her would be elder sister-in-laws (jethanis) see her in singapore and chose her for their brother-in-law, after seeing Bhakti's educated, gullible and sensitive nature. The story flows onwards where we witness how is she treated in this family by her sisters-in-law. Manjula, Parul, Apla, Jalpa and Rajeshwari try many ways to love Mohan and Bhakti, but in the end good wins over evil and they start loving Mohan and Bhakti.

Then comes a twist- the character of Padmini is introduced, along with her seven-year-old daughter, Shikha, who is thought to be Mohan's illegitimate child. Padmini wants to marry Mohan and wants the entire money and property of Nanavati family, so she plays many tricks to fulfill her evil intentions. She then kidnaps Bhakti (now pregnant) to blackmail and marry Mohan, but she is eventually caught by the police.

Season 2

In episode no. 488, aired on 3 May 2010, the show took a seventeen-year leap, and now the story focuses on Mohan and late Bhakti's daughter, Aastha (played by Vidhi Sindhwad), and Padmini's daughter Shikha (played by Ekta Saraiya).

The story moves forward twenty years; Bhakti and mohan are shown to have died after giving birth to a mentally-ill daughter, Aastha; and after the imprisonment of Padmini, Nanavati family has adopted her daughter, mo. Aastha is raised by all her aunties with love and care, and is a bubbly and sweet girl. Meanwhile, Shikha grows up to be as ill-mannered as her mother. Raj then comes into the story; Raj and Shikha love each other, but cannot marry as an astrologer predicted Raj's first wife will die. They create a plan so as Raj marries Aastha, as she is mentally ill and won't matter if she dies. After the marriage, Aastha shows no signs of death, so Raj, with the help of Shikha and his aunt Rasila plan to murder Astha and 'get-it-over-and-done-with'. However, Aastha miraculously survives, and the five daughters-in-law attempt to seek revenge from Raj and Rasila, and they eventually succeed in punishing Shikha, Raj and Rasila.

After that, Mohan marries Vrinda, who although is a genuine and loving woman, the Navavati bahus think she is here to steal the money. They eventually realise that Vrinda is a nice woman. Then comes another twist; the Nanavatis' only daughter's family comes to steal the money from the Nanavati house. They kidnap Aastha; but she is rescued by Vrinda; and the kidnappers are jailed. The story ends with the Nanavati family celebrating Vrinda's pregnancy.


  • Jalpa Nanavati - Sabse Mazedaar Sadasya - Star Parivaar Awards 2009
  • Replacement

    Hamari Devrani replaced the popular show Bhabhi


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