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Haman is a Semitic given name and a surname. It may refer to:

Religious figures:

  • Haman (biblical figure), appears in the Book of Esther and is the main antagonist in the Jewish holiday of Purim
  • Haman (Islam)
  • People

  • Haman Daouda (born 1989), Cameroonian footballer
  • Haman Sadjo (born 1984), Cameroonian footballer
  • Jacques Haman (born 1994), Cameroonian footballer
  • Kató Hámán (1884–1936), Hungarian Esperanto and Communist activist
  • Radek Haman (born 1969), Czech ice hockey player
  • Fictional characters:

  • Haman Karn, a main character in anime ZZ Gundam and the manga Char's Deleted Affair: Portrait of a Young Comet
  • References

    Haman Wikipedia

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