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Halyna Mykhajlyvna Pleshkanivska

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Name  Halyna Pleshkanivska

Halyna Mykhajlyvna Pleshkanivska (born September 20, 1936) is a retired assistant professor at National Pedagogical Dragomanov University who focused on intellectual disability.


Autobiographic information

Pleshkanivska was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, in a family of office workers. In 1946, she entered the first grade of Kyiv General School №92. In 1952, this school was incorporated by Kyiv General High School №58, where she continued studies and finished in 1954. In 1954, she entered into the O. M. Gorkogo Kyiv State Pedagogical College (KSPC, now National Pedagogical Dragomanov University) in the pedagogical department (in the department of mental retardation), and in 1959, finished the full course with a specialty in "Defectology, Ukrainian Language and Literature", getting a diploma with honors. She received the qualification of “Teacher of Ukrainian and Literature” and the rank of “Teacher of the Special and Middle School” by the decision of the G. M. Pleshkanivska State Examination Commission on June 25, 1959.

Studying in an institute, Pleshkanivska studied pedagogical sciences diligently, attended a scientific group, and was one of the best students of the department. One in her group was a well-known scientist of defectology, Vavina Lyudmyla Serhiyvna.

Upon completion of KSPC, she enrolled into the Kyiv Department of Education. Her career as a scientist began at the General Auxiliary Boarding School №1 in Kyiv as an elementary teacher, where she worked eleven years from 1959 to 1970. From 1963 she held two jobs: working as an educator at this school and working in the Department of the Mentally Disabled and Abnormal Psychology at KSPC. During these seven years, Pleshkanivska combined the work of teaching at an auxiliary school and at an establishment of higher education.

From September 1, 1970, she went to work as the assistant of the Department of the Mentally Disabled and Abnormal Psychology of KSPC, and in 1975 was promoted to the position of senior professor of this department.

Pleshkanivska, under the direction of the associate professor of pedagogical sciences, Claudia Mykhajlaivna Tyrchinska, started her research dissertation as a co-researcher. Following the death of C. M. Tyrchinska in 1976, she was forced to complete preparation of her disciplinary work under the direction of Doctor of Medical Sciences Elyzaveta Mykhajlivna Vairyb.

In 1977, Pleshkanivska successfully defended her dissertation on the theme: "Optimization of the Performance of Mentally Retarded Students in the Lessons of Manual Skills.”

While working at the Department of Mentally Disabled and Abnormal Psychology, Pleshkanivska gave lectures on the daily and in absentia forms of studies and conducted practical and skillsatory employments on such educational disciplines: "Special methodology of educator work,” "Special methodology of teaching of history,” "Special methodology of educator work,” "Scientific bases of correction work,” and "Manualskills with methodology of teaching.” Widely used and inculcated lecture material advanced experience of the best teachers of correction schools of Ukraine. From basic courses Pleshkanivska worked out methodical complexes, that envisaged the detailed exposition of basic concepts and abilities that students during the study of disciplines and methodical recommendations must seize to the students for independent work. She is the author of scientifically methodical developments on questions optimization of capacity mentally retarded students, study of Ukrainian and history at an auxiliary school.

Pleshkanivska participated actively in the realization of the courses of implanting the training of teachers in auxiliary schools of Kyiv, Lviv, Zhitomyr and others.

Halyna Mykhajlo managed the problem of the group of students, that investigated the question of psychological bases of studies and the education mentally of retarded children. Under her guidance students were able to prepare lectures and participate in all-union scientific student conferences, which were conducted in Moscow, Kyiv, Minsk, and Siauliai. For many years, she was on the counsel of academic group of students, a member of the group of the folk control of the mental retardation department, and also a member of section of scientifically methodological advice of republican society of "knowledge". Pleshkanivska is the author of textbooks of "Story from history of Ukraine" (in co-authorship from A. G. Slysarenko) for the seventh and eighth grade of an auxiliary school. In 1988, Pleshkanivska was the recipient of an award as the "Achiever of Folk Formation of URRR".


In 1977, Pleshkanivska successfully defended her dissertation on the theme: "Optimization of the Performance of Mentally Retarded Students in the Lessons of Manual Skills.” Those opposing her dissertation were the doctor of psychological sciences V.G. Petrova, and also candidate of pedagogical sciences G.M. Merciyanova. Her defence took place on May 20, 1977, at the meeting of the specialized Council of Education and Research Institute of USSR, and Pleshkanivska was finally awarded the scientific degree of pedagogical sciences.

By the decision of higher attestation commission at the council of ministers of the USSR, on October 6, 1982, Pleshkanivska was appropriated the scientific rank of Associate Professor of Department of the Mentally Disabled and Abnormal Psychologies.

Her dissertation consists of an introduction, three parts and a conclusion. The researcher highlights that in the practice of working in an auxiliary school, the particularities of work are not taken enough into account in mentally retarded students, especially on the lessons of manual skills. It is deduced in her research, that the particularity of the growth of the capacity of such children is the slow thinking, short period of an increased performance, rapid fatigueability of the children, and weakness of the processes aimed to restore functionality. All of it reduces the performance of students in the lessons of manual skills.

In the dissertation of Pleshkanivska, she defines such tasks: clarification of the age-old mentally of physiological features of students between the 1–3 grades, exposure of the dynamics of performance of mentally retarded students in the process in the lessons of manual skills, search of pedagogical facilities that will assist the increase of performance and efficiency of skills studies for students, and developments of more effective structures of lesson of manual skills (taking into account the features of dynamics of capacity of students).

The obtained experimental data of the dissertation allowed the author to find the cause of the low performance of the mentally retarded students and to work out effective ways of overcoming them on the basis of rational distribution of time of every stage of the lesson and coordination of methodological tools with the dynamic performance of students in the classroom.

The main the part of the dissertation holds that the program of studies of mentally retarded students is worked out in the lessons of manual skills. The results of the research are brought in and the methodology of organization of work of students is presented during a lesson that provides an optimal capacity.

An author notes that the structure of lessons of manual skills must envisage the change of different types of activity on every stage of lesson, that provides active activity of different muscular groups. A rational dosage of every stage of lesson of manuals kills in accordance with the zones of performance of the mentally retarded students. An optimal loading of students by practical activity and other types of works, depending on age-old features and an increase of the productivity of activity is on a lesson.

Pleshkanivska offered in her dissertation work a system of the differentiated physical exercises and imitation games, as one of elements of rational organization of lessons of manuals kills at an auxiliary school.

In 1989, a training methodical manual was distributed "an optimization of the capacity of students of an auxiliary school" (by E. M. Vainryb, G. M. Pleshkanivska). In the scientific work, the basic ways of increasing the efficiency and quality of the preparation of mentally retarded students are lighted up to an active voice in publicly useful skills and also feature their performance in the process of professional skills studies. From 1966 for 1999 Halyna Mykhajlo temporarily carried out the duties of a manager of the Department of Mentally Disabled, when Torchinska Valentyna Yevheniyvna was in his doctoral studies.

Basic biographical information

  • September 20, 1936 Born G. M. Pleshkanivska in Kyiv
  • 1944–1952 Studies at general school №92 Kyiv
  • 1952–1954 Studies at general school №58 Kyiv
  • 1954–1959 Studies in the Kyiv State Pedagogical College of О. М.Gorki in the Pedagogical department on a mental retardation department
  • 1959–1970 Work in a general auxiliary school boarding school № 1 Kyiv teacher of initial classes, teacher, assistant holding two jobs (0,25 rate) departments of mentally disabled.
  • 1970–2001 the Kyiv State Pedagogical College О .М.Gorki (NPY of name M.P. Dragomanova) teacher, senior teacher, associate professor of department of mentally disabled
  • 1997 Defence of candidate's dissertation from a theme: "Optimization of capacity mentally backward schoolchildren on the lessons of hand skills"
  • 1982 The scientific rank of associate professor of department of mentally disabled and abnormal psychology is Appropriated
  • 1988 Recipient of an award the difference of МОУРСР high "Achiever of Folk Education”
  • 1996–1999 Carried out the duties of manager of department of mentally disabled, associate professor of department
  • 2002 Retired associate professor of department in connection with an exit on a scientific pension
  • Main scientific works

    Main scientific works:

  • Rationalization Process in the Classroom Teaching Manual Skills in Special Schools / H.M. Pleshkanivska // Defectology. - 1978.-№12
  • Description of H.M. Pleshkanivska Student Operations in Auxiliary School Lessons on Manual Skills / H.M. Pleshkanivska, E.M.Vaynrub // Defectology. - 1979 - №4
  • Program for Teaching a Class in Auxiliary Schools for Manual Skills in Department / H.M. Pleshkanivska. - K.: Enlightenment Ministry of USSR, 1978
  • Deductive Material in Ukrainian for 2nd Grade Secondary School / H.M. Pleshkanivska. - By: Rad.shkola, 1979
  • Using Artistic Literature on the Lessons of History in an Auxiliary School / H.M. Pleshkanivska // Defectology question. - 1980. - №13
  • Features Psychological Development of Students in an Auxiliary School and Questions on the Organization of Learning Skills / H.M. Pleshkanivska // Defectology question. - 1982. - №114
  • Optimization of Operations of Students in an Auxiliary School / H.M. Pleshkanivska. - By: Rad.shkola 1989
  • Ukrainian Language in the 5th Grade Secondary School / H.M. Pleshkanivska. - By: MoD Institute of Content and Teaching Methods, 1996
  • Initial Course of History of Ukraine 7–9 classes: [secondary school program] / H.M. Pleshkanivska. -K: MoD Institute of Content and Teaching Methods, 1996
  • Featured Efficiency of Mentally Retarded Students in the Classroom on Native Languages / H.M. Pleshkanivska / The Mental Retardation Scientific Works Department. - By: KSPU them .. Dragomanov, 1996
  • Reader for Grade 9 Secondary School / H.M. Pleshkanivska. – K.: Education, 1998
  • Stories from the History of Ukraine [textbook for 7th grade secondary school] / H.M. Pleshkanivska, A.H. Slyusarenko. - K .: Bogdan, 2000. - 222 pp
  • Story on the History of Ukraine: Tutorial for 8th Grade Secondary School / H.M. Pleshkanivska. - K .: Bogdan, 2002. - 303 p.
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