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Halydean Corporation

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Headquarters  Hayward
Founded  1128
Total assets  159 million USD (2016)
Revenue  24 million USD (2015)
Founder  David I of Scotland
Number of employees  80 (2015)
Traded as  NASDAQ: HALY (coming soon)
Industry  Agriculture, Dairy Farming
Key people  Ron Braatz (President and CEO) Craig Hunt (COO)
Products  Milk, Beef, International Trade, Food distribution
Type of business  Private; (Public listing is pending)

Halydean Corporation is a vertically integrated dairy and beef industry consolidation holding company. The company is headquartered in Hayward, Wisconsin, but primarily consists of holdings in subsidiaries. The company CEO is Ron Braatz. The company, a classic rollup, targets dairy facilities for mergers and acquisitions each worth an average $34 million USD, and is moving to increase its revenues from US export sales.


Notable ownership

Below is a list of past owners of Halydean Corporation, which is curiously diverse.

Halydean is unique in that it was founded by the Crown, owned by the Catholic Church (rivaled in Scotland only by St Andrews), then owned by the state, then owned privately, and is now soon to be listed as a publicly traded company. Under feudalism, Halydean had the legal authority of "pit and gallows," which is to say, to carry out the death sentence. The original charter also specified that the organization was tax exempt.

Name & Etymology

At the time of its creation, Halydean was owned by the Catholic Church. It was controlled by the Kelso Abbey, in the Royal Burgh of Roxburgh, Scotland. The Dean (Christianity) of the abbey was called the "Holy Dean," and the agricultural & grazing lands given to the Monks of Selkirk became known as The Barony and Lordship of Halydean.

History and age of company

The company states that it has "more than 100 years of operational history," which refers to the age of its subsidiaries, however, there are well documented legal records showing that the entity had its establishment in 1128, by the 17th great grandfather of one of the current directors, with holdings primarily consisting of thousands of acres of grazing land. This is substantially older than Harvard College, which has been described as the new world's oldest corporation, established in 1636. The oldest companies in the world for tea, sake, metalworking, and pharmacy were all established after 1128, the year of Halydean's establishment. Lorillard Tobacco Company is listed as the oldest public American company, having been established in 1760. The Tuttle Farm was established in the 1630s by King Charles II, and is the oldest continually operating business in the US. Based on that information, it can be argued that Halydean is a very old company, although it is unknown whether or not it may hold the claim as the oldest publicly traded company in the world. The company has not made any such claim. The company is on Wikipedia's List of oldest companies. In 1545 Halydean's ownership was appropriated by the Crown, rechartered, and eventually assigned to new owners in 1602, and in 2014 Halydean Corporation was organized as a Delaware corporation, as a wholly owned subsidiary of The Barony and Lordship of Halydean (Scotland) by the current Lord of Halydean. Almost immediately following that, numerous other shareholders were appointed, such that the company has to use a stock transfer agent.


Halydean Corporation is an agricultural land holding company that specializes in dairy and beef production. The company invests in the dairy industry. The following SIC codes may apply to Halydean Corporation: 02410000 Dairy farms, 02120000 Beef cattle (except feedlots), 42120102 Farm to market haulage (local), and 51430000 Wholesale Trade - Nondurable Goods Dairy products, except dried or canned. Subsidiaries include trucking / milk hauling, farm land, dairy operations, heifer replacement breeding, academic research, and beef cow breeding using artificial insemination with sexed semen for F1 hybrid crosses.

Environmental Activism

The company participates in wastewater treatment research. These systems speed up the digestion of manure products into useful co-products such as fertilizer for cleaner air and water. The company promotes environmentalism which is economically profitable.


Halydean Corporation Wikipedia

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