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Haller park

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Haller park

Haller park is the biggest park in Mid-Ferencváros, the 9th district of Budapest, Hungary. It is bordered by Haller utca on the west, Mester utca on the south, Vágóhíd utca on the east and Óbester utca on the north.



The park has various recreational facilities including ballgame fields, well-designated fully EU-conform playgrounds, a sledge hill and walkways for strolls. The park is particularly popular with families with children and old people relaxing in quiet.

Some residential buildings are dotted along its border, whereas a small one-storey nursery school and a creche occupy some space in the north of the park.

As a response to public concern, a park guard system went operational in May 2008, proving successful immediately.

Flora and fauna

Haller park has numerous tree species: chestnut trees, poplars, black poplars, willows, linden trees, yews and planes. Birds abound, too: blackbirds, tits, Eurasian blue tits, robins, magpies, pigeons, sparrows and even crows. As regards the animal kingdom, hedgehogs and squirrels can be seen quite infrequently. Dogs, by contrast, are all too obvious a sight.


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