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Hall of Great Westerners

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The Hall of Great Westerners was established by the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in 1958. Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S., the Hall was created to celebrate the contributions of more than 200 men and women of the American West. Inductees include explorers, Native American leaders, writers, poets, politicians, statesmen and others.



Criteria for being accepted into the Hall include:

  1. Exceptional contribution to the advancement of Western heritage and traditions over a lifetime.
  2. Individuals who promote America's rich Western heritage through their leadership and patronage of art, business industry, environmental, education, humanitarian, government or philanthropic organizations.
  3. Achievement of national significance and historic relevance.
  4. Exemplification of the traditional Western ideals of honesty, integrity and self-sufficiency over a lifetime.

Members of the Hall of Great Westerners

The following are Hall of Great Westerners inductees, followed by the year they were inducted.

  • Jasper Ackerman (1978)
  • Horace Greeley Adams, Sr. (1997)
  • Ramon Ahumada (1958)
  • Pedro Altube (1960)
  • George Washington Arrington (2003)
  • Ben C. Ash (1959)
  • Stephen Fuller Austin (1958)
  • Willa Cather (1974)
  • Clifford P. Hansen (1995)
  • Will James (1992)
  • Charles "Buffalo" Jones (1959)
  • Tom Lea (1995)
  • Chester Paxton (1998)
  • John Palmer Parker (2008)
  • William A. Paxton (1961)
  • J. K. Ralston (1978)
  • Bartlett Richards (1970)
  • Mari Sandoz (1998)
  • Issac Stevens (1962)
  • William "Bill" Tilghman (1960)
  • Brigham Young (1958)
  • York (2001)
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