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Launch date  21 February 1979
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Super hakucho 83km underground train 240meters under the ocean in japan going to honshu main island from hokkaido

Hakucho (also known as CORSA-b before launch) was Japan's first X-ray astronomy satellite, developed by the Institute of Space and Aeronautical Science (then a division of the University of Tokyo). It was launched by the ISAS M-3C-4 rocket on February 21, 1979 and reentered the atmosphere on April 16, 1985.


It was a replacement for the CORSA satellite which failed to launch due to rocket failure on February 4, 1976.


  • Discovery of soft X-ray transient Cen X-4 and Aql X-1
  • Discovery of many burst sources
  • Long-term monitoring of X-ray pulsar (e.g. Vela X-1)
  • Discovery of 2 Hz variability in the Rapid Burster later named Quasi Period Oscillation.
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