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Hakea sericea

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Proteaceae
Genus  Hakea
Rank  Species
Order  Proteales
Subfamily  Grevilleoideae
Scientific name  Hakea sericea
Hakea sericea invasorasptwpcontentuploads201302hakeaseri
Similar  Hakea, Hakea gibbosa, Hakea salicifolia, Hakea dactyloides, Hakea teretifolia

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Hakea sericea, commonly known as Needlebush or Silky Hakea, is a large species of shrub native to Australia. It is native to New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania but is found outside these states. It grows up to 3 metres (10 ft) as a spreading and bushy shrub, flowering from winter to early spring.

Hakea sericea Hakea sericea Wikipedia

H. sericea is an invasive weed in some areas outside Australia, specifically in South Africa, New Zealand and Portugal.

Hakea sericea sericea Bushy Needlebush
Hakea sericea GardensOnline Hakea sericea
Hakea sericea Hakea sericea silky hakea Factsheet invasoraspt
Hakea sericea Hakea sericea Growing Native Plants
Hakea sericea Hakea sericea Growing Native Plants
Hakea sericea Hakea sericea
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Hakea sericea Wikipedia

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