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Haijian 51

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Laid down  March 22, 2003
Homeport  Shanghai
Launched  19 November 2005
Weight  1,937 tons
Builder  Wuchang Shipbuilding
Commissioned  June 2011
Construction started  22 March 2003
Length  88 m
Draft  3.5 m
Name  China Haijian 51 (CMS 51)
Owner  East China Sea Branch, State Oceanic Administration
Operator  5th Marine Surveillance Flotilla, East China Sea Fleet, China Marine Surveillance

Haijian 51 (Chinese: 中国海监 51) is a China Marine Surveillance (CMS) ship in the 5th Marine Surveillance Flotilla of the East China Sea Fleet. She was christened and commissioned on November 11, 2005 at her 5th Marine Surveillance Flotilla's dock in Shanghai. The first captain was He Xuming (Chinese: 何旭明).

Haijian 51 was renamed CCG-2151 in July 2013, under a unified, newly established China Coast Guard, integrading the former China Marine Surveillance, China Fishery Authority, General Administration of Customs, Public Security Border Troops.

Cruise operations

CCG-2151 has been frequently involved in law enforcement patrol operations in waters around Diaoyu Islands.


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