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Hagfa Pinyim

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Hagfa Pinyim or HagFa PinYim (客家話拼音, literally "Hakka Pinyin") is a system of romanization used to transcribe Chinese characters as used in Hakka into Latin script. Hagfa Pinyim was developed by Lau Chun-fat (劉鎮發) for use in his Hakka Pinyin Dictionary (客語拼音字彙, literally "Hakka Pinyin Vocabulary") that was published in 1997. The romanization system is named after the Pinyin system used for Mandarin Chinese and is designed to resemble Pinyin.


Writing system

Hagfa Pinyim uses the Latin alphabet and numbers to indicate tones. A single hyphen is added to indicate a compound. Vowels indicated are regular forms but sometimes irregular forms occur.


  • All words are written in their original tones instead of tones with tone sandhi.
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