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Sung Bo Shim





South Korea

Haemoo movie poster

Release date
August 13, 2014 (2014-08-13)

Based on
Haemoo  by Kim Min-jung

Sung-bo Shim (screenplay), Joon-ho Bong (screenplay)

Bong Joon-ho, Sung Bo Shim

Blue Dragon Film Award for Best New Actor

Kim Yun-Seok
Han Ye-Ri
Lee Hee-joon
Moon Sung-keun
Kim Sang-ho
Yoo Seung-Mok

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haemoo official teaser trailer 2014

Haemoo (Hangul: 해무; literally "Sea Fog") is a 2014 South Korean film directed by Shim Sung-bo. The film is adapted from the 2007 stage play of the same name, which in turn was based on the true story of 25 Korean-Chinese illegal immigrants who suffocated to death in the storage tank of the fishing vessel Taechangho; their bodies were dumped by the ship's crew into the sea southwest of Yeosu on October 7, 2001. There is likely a connection with the 2006 Scottish film "True North" which has an identical story line.


Haemoo movie scenes

It was selected as the South Korean entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards and the 72nd Golden Globe Awards, but was not nominated.

Haemoo movie scenes


Haemoo movie scenes

The 69-ton fishing vessel Jeonjinho fails to catch as much fish as its crew had hoped. To make more money, the crew decides to smuggle thirty illegal immigrants into Korea. But things don't go according to plan when the Jeonjinho encounters heavy fog, rain and waves on its return journey, while also being chased by a ship from the South Korean Maritime Police. On orders from the captain, several crew members hide the illegal immigrants inside the fishing tank, where they are in danger of suffocating to death. Amid the chaos, the youngest crew member Dong-sik tries to protect a young female migrant whom he'd fallen in love with.


Haemoo wwwgstaticcomtvthumbmovieposters11082133p11

  • Kim Yoon-seok as Captain Cheol-joo
  • Park Yoochun as Dong-sik
  • Lee Hee-joon as Chang-wook
  • Moon Sung-keun as Chief engineer Wan-ho
  • Kim Sang-ho as Boatswain Ho-young
  • Yoo Seung-mok as Kyung-gu
  • Han Ye-ri as Hong-mae
  • Jung In-gi as Oh-nam
  • Kim Young-woong as Gil-soo
  • Production

    Haemoo Haemoo AsianWiki

    Haemoo is the first feature film directed by Shim Sung-bo, who co-wrote the screenplay of Memories of Murder with director Bong Joon-ho. Bong is this film's producer.

    Haemoo Haemoo AsianWiki

    Kim Yoon-seok was first cast in the role of the ship's captain in June 2013. Song Joong-ki was originally offered to star opposite Kim, but had to turn down the role when he received his enlistment papers for mandatory military service. K-pop singer and actor Park Yoochun was cast instead in August 2013, in his big screen debut. Filming began on October 6, 2013, with locations in Masan, Goyang, Busan and Ulsan, and ended on March 6, 2014.

    Haemoo Haemoo Review A Tense Thriller About Human Trafficking Variety

    Budgeted at US$10 million, the film was pitched for pre-sales at the American Film Market in November 2013. The first official press conference was held on July 1, 2014.

    Box office

    Haemoo Haemoo 2014

    Haemoo was released in South Korea on August 13, 2014. It reached 1,084,375 admissions after one week.

    Critical reception

    Haemoo Haemoo AsianWiki

    The Hollywood Reporter described the film as "A possible riveting nightmare fogged up by concessions to blockbuster conventions." It praised Hong Kyung-pyo's cinematography and Lee Ha-joon's production design as "effective in highlighting the differences between the lands of vast, cold port and the unforgiving environments of the sea and cramped insides of the fishing boat," but criticized director Shim Sung-bo's lack of subtlety and reflection, "with Haemoo subscribing to many of the conventions of both disaster epics and revenge drama, and the over-dependence of a central seaborne romance."

    Haemoo 11July2014 CAPSPICS Haemoo Sea Fog New Movie Trailer Poster

    Variety wrote, "Turning a real-life human trafficking tragedy into a comment on social inequality and the cost of survival, Haemoo dramatizes a stark nautical ordeal fraught with tension. Produced and co-written by internationally recognized Korean auteur Bong Joon-ho (Snowpiercer, The Host) this directing debut by helmer-scribe Shim Sung-bo echoes Bong's trademark cynical vision of human nature, but the characters lack dimensionality and psychological depth."

    International release

    Haemoo made its international premiere at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. It was also invited to the following:

  • 2014 Toronto International Film Festival
  • 2014 Vancouver International Film Festival
  • 2014 San Sebastián International Film Festival
  • 2014 Taoyuan International Film Festival
  • 2014 Busan International Film Festival
  • 2014 Fantastic Fest
  • 2014 Festival du Film Coréen à Paris
  • 2014 Hawaii International Film Festival
  • 2014 Hong Kong Asian Film Festival
  • 2014 Stockholm International Film Festival
  • 2014 London Korean Film Festival
  • 2014 American Film Institute Festival
  • 2014 Philippines Cinema One Originals Festival under the Asian Gem category
  • 2014 Mar del Plata International Film Festival
  • 2014 Madrid Premiere Week
  • 2014 Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival
  • 2014 Marrakech International Film Festival
  • 2014 Filmasia Festival in Prague
  • 2014 Dubai International Film Festival
  • 2015 Palm Springs International Film Festival
  • 2015 Fantasporto Oporto International Film Festival
  • 2015 Santa Barbara International Film Festival
  • 2015 Annual Waimea Town Celebration
  • 2015 New Directors/New Films Festival in New York City
  • 2015 Florence Korea Film Festival in Italy
  • 2015 Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival
  • 2015 Beaune International Thriller Film Festival
  • 2015 Art Film Fest in Slovakia
  • The film's rights were also pre-sold at the Cannes Film Market to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and France. Its Japanese release was scheduled for early 2015 while Taiwan and Singapore released the movie at the end of 2014.


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