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Kingdom  Plantae
Subfamily  Orchidoideae
Subtribe  Orchidinae
Higher classification  Orchids
Order  Asparagales
Family  Orchidaceae
Tribe  Orchideae
Scientific name  Habenaria
Rank  Genus
Habenaria Found another source for Habenaria radiata
Lower classifications  Habenaria rhodocheila, Habenaria dentata, Habenaria medusa, Habenaria plantaginea, Habenaria delavayi

Habenaria radiata how to plant

Habenaria, commonly called bog orchids, are a far ranging genus of orchids. There are approximately 800-1000 species of Habenaria, native to every continent except Antarctica, in both tropical and temperate zones.


Habenaria Habenaria commelinifolia CommelinaLeaf Habenaria

Habenaria radiata corm planting


Habenaria httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu

Habenaria species have small to large underground root tubers and erect stems 20 to 80 cm (8 to 31 in) in length. Leaves are lanceolate or ovate, and are borne either along the stem (cauline) or only at the base (basal). When basal, leaves lie flat on the ground. Flowers are mostly green, white, yellow and green, or white and green, but a few exceptions have brilliant red flowers. The column is frequently complicated, with long organs sticking out of it (stigma processes, lateral rostellum arms, anther canals). The plant is a perennial deciduous, with the entire above-ground part of the plant dying back each year.

Habenaria Habenaria radiata the egret flower of the Far East
Habenaria Habenaria rhodocheila
Habenaria Habenaria radiata the egret flower of the Far East
Habenaria Habenaria Wikimedia Commons


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