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Habanero tan

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Habanero-tan (ハバネロたん) is the unofficial mascot of Bōkun Habanero, the habanero pepper-flavored snacks produced by Tohato. Habanero-tan and her companions with names like "Jalapeño-san" are the personification of spices as cute young girls. They were created by several Japanese amateur artists, and of them, Shigatake, the creator of the character Habanero-tan, drew a series of yonkoma manga featuring the lives of these girls. Shigatake later became the graphics designer for the Vanillaware games Odin Sphere and GrimGrimoire.

Habanero-tan's popularity has led to various renditions (some of them risque) by other Japanese artists, and even appearances on the OVA Netrun-mon. There is also a dojin game called Habanero-tan House which incorporates many of the things seen in Shigatake's comics. The game's creator, Ashinaga Oji-san, later worked with Shigatake and Vanillaware to develop a similar game called Kumatanchi for the Nintendo DS.


  • Habanero-tan (ハバネロたん)
  • An energetic young girl with a red dress and red hair, and a stem on her head. Created by Shigatake.
  • Habanero-neesan (ハバネロ姐さん)
  • Habanero's friend and older sister figure. Created by Shima Humikane.
  • Milk-san (牛乳さん, Gyūnyū-san)
  • Habanero's friend and milk supply. Has large breasts and wears skimpy clothes. Created by Salad Oil.
  • Jalapeño-san (ハラペーニョさん, Harapēnyo-san)
  • Capsaicin-chan (カプサイシンちゃん, Kapusaishin-chan)
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