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Habaguanex Tourist Company

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Habaguanex Tourist Company

The Habaguanex Tourist Company is a Cuban corporation founded on 6 January 1994 and belonging to the Office of the Historian of Havana City, directed by Eusebio Leal. It is characterised mainly by offering a highly differentiated historical-cultural product with accommodation in unique hotels, as well as shopping and cultural opportunities. It makes possible to know important places with high architectural, cultural and historical values through a hotel chain comprising restored houses and buildings, for which it takes advantage of their location in Old Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1982.


This company takes its name from the chieftain Habaguanex who ruled the area where Havana is located today before Christopher Columbus arrived in Cuba.

It is part of a project of sustainable development because the income generated by the enterprise is used to restore the historic centre of the city and to improve the living conditions of the local population.


At present, the company manages more than 300 facilities including restaurants, shops, markets, coffee shops and hotels of different categories, and it has gone beyond the borders of Old Havana by opening stores and markets in the neighbouring areas.


  • Ambos Mundos (related to Hemingway's presence in Havana)
  • Armadores de Santander
  • Beltrán de Santa Cruz
  • Comendador
  • Conde de Villanueva (tribute to Cuban cigars)
  • Florida
  • Los Frailes (religious ambience)
  • Marqués de Prado Ameno
  • Mesón de la Flota
  • Palacio O'Farrill
  • Park View
  • Raquel (tribute to the Jewish culture)
  • San Felipe (one of the grandest baroque houses in Havana)
  • San Miguel
  • Saratoga (upscale)
  • Santa Isabel (former residence of a wealthy family)
  • Tejadillo
  • Telégrafo
  • Valencia (tribute to the Valencia region in Spain)
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