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Haath Ki Safai

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Prakash Mehra

Release date
August 30, 1974 (India)



Action, Drama, Family

Javed Akhtar


Haath Ki Safai movie poster
Release date
30 August 1974

Music director
Kalyanji & Anandji, Kalyanji Virji Shah, Anandji Virji Shah

Wada Karle Sajna

Hema Malini
(Kamini Chopra),
Vinod Khanna
(Shankar Kumar),
Randhir Kapoor
(Raj Kumar),
Simi Garewal
(Roma S Kumar),

Tu kya jane o bewafa lata mangeshkar haath ki safai 1974 songs hema malini

Haath Ki Safai (English: 'Skill of Hand', here it means skill in pickpocketing) is a 1974 Hindi film produced by I.A Nadiadwala. Directed by Prakash Mehra, the film features Vinod Khanna, who won the Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award, the only nomination and win for the film. The rest of the cast include Hema Malini, Randhir Kapoor, Simi Garewal, Ranjeet and Satyen Kappu. The music is by Kalyanji Anandji. The film became a "semi-hit" at the box office.


The film was later remade in Telugu as Manushulu Chesina Dongalu (1976) and in Tamil as Savaal (1981).

Title sequence from haath ki safai


Two brothers get separated, when fleeing from their village and reach Mumbai. Raju is led to a crook and becomes a Pick pocket under his tutelage. The elder one Shankar becomes a crime-Boss. Shankar is popularly known as Kumar in his circle and is married to Roma, who is pregnant with their child. Roma is unaware of his criminal activities. He runs a hotel as a cover for his criminal activities and mostly involved in smuggling gold and diamond. Kamini is an orphaned girl, living with her crook uncle. For a dance show she arrive at Mumbai with her troupe and is robbed of her purse by a pickpocket. Raju retrieves her purse only to steal her expensive necklace. Kamini's uncle owes 1 million rupees to another criminal Ranjeet. In order to pay his debt he advises Ranjeet to marry Kamini, so that he can inherit her wealth worth 5 million. Kamini runs away from her home. In order to trace her, Ranjeet advertises in newspaper that Kamini has run away from home with jewellery worth 1 million. Raju is the first one to trace her and entices her to an isolated bungalow. Here Kamini confesses her love for Raju, but he is indifferent and pretends to love her in return. He secretly checks all her baggage for jewellery and disappointed to know that she has none. Shankar is able to trace Raju and trades Kamini for 10,000. Kamini is heartbroken with the reality. Ranjeet pays off Shankar for Kamini, while Kamini slips past his custody just in time. Coincidentally she seeks shelter at Shanker's home and Roma comes to know everything about Shanker. She is shocked and tries to commit suicide. Shanker assumes that she has committed suicide, but is saved by Raju in nick of time and takes her home. Since she is pregnant doctor advices her to rest. Shanker is heartbroken and vows give up all his criminal activities. He also gives shelter to Kamini and keeps her at his home. Kamini respects Shanker for his gesture and treats him like elder brother. He returns the money to Ranjeet, which infuriates him and he wants a revenge. Meanwhile, Kamini has a change of heart towards Raju when she learns that Raju has given up his pickpocketing and wants to lead a dignified life with her. Ranjeet decides to use Raju as a pawn to exact revenge. Through Raju he manages to get Shanker arrested in an attempt of gold smugling (his old commitment and final job), but Shanker somehow manages to hide the gold before being arrested. In order to create a rift between Kamini and Raju he tells her that Raju got Shanker arrested. Kamini straight away goes to his home to find the truth and comes across Roma and her newborn baby. Kamini tells Roma that Shanker is truly sorry for his act and has given up all his criminal activities. Kamini inform Shanker that Roma is alive and has their baby. Rajneet manages to kidnap Kamini and desires to marry her. Kamini reveals that she has not inherited any wealth and her uncle was lying to him. Rajeet then plan to trade her with Shanker for the smuggled gold. Shanker escapes the prison to see his wife. He encounters Raju and Raju is able to nab him and tie him up. Raju trades Shanker for Kamini and returns home with the purse he had pocketed of Shanker. At home when he checks the contents he comes to know that Shanker is his long lost brother and goes to save Shanker. In film ends with typical Bollywood climax, where Raju is able to save Shanker and Ranjeet is killed in ensuing fight.


Peene Wale Ko Peene Ka Bahana is about the play Devdas with Randhir Kapoor as Devdas and Hema Malini as chandramukhi.


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