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HaMerotz LaMillion 5

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No. of Episodes  36
Continents visited  4
No. of legs  13
Winning team  Amit & Raz Gal
Countries visited  10
HaMerotz LaMillion 5
Season Run  17 May (2016-05-17) – 26 September 2016 (2016-09-26)

HaMerotz LaMillion (Hebrew: המירוץ למיליון‎‎, lit. The Race to the Million) is an Israeli reality television game show based on the American series, The Amazing Race. The fifth installment of the series features 14 teams of two with a pre-existing relationship in a race around the world to win ₪1,000,000.


This season premiered on 17 May 2016 on Channel 2 hosted by Ron Shachar. Father and son Amit and Raz Gal were the winners of this season. Amit, at the age of 63 at time of filming, surpasses David O'Leary of The Amazing Race 24 (59 at time of filming) as the oldest winner in any edition of the Race.


The following teams participated in the Race, with their relationships at the time of filming. Note that this table is not necessarily reflective of all content broadcast on television due to inclusion or exclusion of some data. Placements are listed in finishing order:

  • A red team placement means the team was eliminated.
  • A blue team placement indicates that the team was the last to arrive at a pit stop in a non-elimination leg of the race.
  • An orange + indicates that there was a Double Battle on this leg of the race, while an orange − Indicates the team that lost the Double Battle and received a 15-minute penalty.
  • A brown ⊂ indicates the team who received a U-Turn; indicates that the team voted for the recipient; A cyan ⋑ indicates that the team was granted an exclusive U-Turn in a double U-Turn; indicates the team who received it; and around a leg number indicates that the Double U-Turn was available for that leg but not used.
  • A yellow < or « and orange < or « indicates the team who received a Yield; >, », > and » indicates that the team voted for the recipient.
  • Voting history

    Teams may vote to choose either U-Turn or Yield. The team with the most votes received the U-Turn or Yield penalty, depending on the respective leg.

    Leg 1 (Israel)

    Group A

    Airdate: 17 May 2016

  • Tel Aviv, Israel (Sarona) (Starting Line)
  • Tel Aviv (Yarkon Park)
  • Tel Aviv (Rothschild Boulevard #1)
  • Tel Aviv (Derech HaShalom Street #32-34)
  • Rishon LeZion (Yes Planet – 4DX Cinema)
  • Rishon LeZion (Yes Planet – Agamon Rishon LeZion)
  • The race began with Ron Shachar introducing the first seven teams at the Sarona Boulevard in Tel Aviv. The first clue instructed the teams to make their way by taxi to Yarkon Park, once there, teams had to climb up a shaky rope ladder to a giant billboard which held a giant scratch ticket. Teams then had to balance on a pair of pegs that they had to move from slot to slot in order to reach the whole board. Using two giant Shekel coins, teams had to scratch off the board to reveal the message hidden underneath, "The world is waiting for you!". Once the message was revealed, teams would receive their next clue.

    The next clue instructed the teams to make their way to Rothschild Boulevard #1, where they would find a large array of trash bins. Each trash bin had either a bottle or paper that they had to look for, but only some of them were marked with the race logo. If a team found one of the items but it was not marked, they had to properly recycle them in one of the recycling bins, and put the trash back in their original bin. Once the team found either the marked bottle or paper, they could exchange it for the next clue.

    After the trash task teams received only a piece of music sheet, which they then had to decipher using the help of the locals in order to play the song "Derech HaShalom" by Peer Tasi. At the bottom of the sheet teams would find written the numbers "32-34". Combining both informations, teams had to make their way to Derech HaShalom Street #32-34, where Peer Tasi in person would hand them their next clue.

    Teams then proceeded to Yes Planet's 4DX Cinema in Rishon LeZion, where they would have to watch seven scenes of different movies with famous Hollywood actors on them. Then, teams had to correctly pick and arrange the stars with the actors names written on them. If the teams correctly guessed all seven stars, they would be allowed in the cinema's VIP room, where they would get their next clue displayed on the screen. If teams were wrong, they would have to eat a full bag of popcorn in the 4DX cinema before trying again.

    The clue displayed in the screen instructed teams to make their way to the first Pit Stop, Agamon Rishon LeZion, a pier in Yes Planet's lagoon.

    Group B

    Airdate: 22 May 2016

  • Yavne (Tel Yavne) (Starting Line)
  • Yavne (Water Tower)
  • Tel Aviv (Dan Hotel)
  • Tel Aviv (Paz Filling Station – Yellow Market)
  • Tel Aviv (Ben-Gurion House)
  • Tel Aviv (Ariel Sharon Park)
  • The second group of teams began the race on the grounds near Tel Yavne archaeological site. Their first clue instructed them to make their way to Yavne's water tower, where they would have to fill a bucket of water and bring it to the top of the tower while sitting on a suspended scaffold and using chains to go up and balance the scaffold. Once at the top, teams would have to fill an empty bucket, which would go down and then would release their car's keys. If teams didn't bring enough water to make the bucket go down, they would have to descend and bring another bucket of water.

    Once the teams released the keys and received their next clue, they would have to drive themselves to the Dan Hotel in Tel Aviv. At the hotel teams would have to choose between two tasks. In the first task one team member would have to sit on a bathtub while the other team member would have to fill the tub with ice in order to decrease the temperature to eight degrees celsius. In the second task, teams would have to form the figure of two kissing swans using towels and trying to reach the hotel's standards. Once teams completed any of these tasks, they would have to bring a tower of coloured chocolates to the room of a Lady Gaga impersonator named "Lady Chacha" and give her a compliment before receiving their next clue.

    The next clue instructed teams to make their way to the "nearby yellow", they would have to figure out that the nearby yellow is a Yellow Market inside a Paz Filling Station. Once there, teams would receive a coffee with cream and a basket with their next clue. The next clue instructed the teams to convince a local to let them prepare "Ben Gurion Rice" in their house, while using the given oil, cooking pot and having to buy or get from the local ptitim. Once cooked, teams would have to take the Ben Gurion Rice to the Ben-Gurion House, where a man would approve or dissaprove the meal. If the meal was correctly cooked, teams would receive their next clue.

    Teams received the instruction to make their way to the next Pit Stop, "the park named after the eleventh Prime Minister of Israel". Teams would have to figure out that the largest park in Israel is the Ariel Sharon Park, formerly a waste dump in Tel Aviv.

    Leg 2 (Israel → Italy)

    Airdate: 24, 29 & 31 May 2016

  • Tel Aviv (Ben Gurion Airport) to Rome, Italy (Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport)
  • Rome (Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport – Parking Lot C)
  • Rome (Ristorante Antico Casale La Carovana)
  • Rome (Piazza Benedetto Cairoli)
  • Rome (Antica Norcineria Viola or Beppe e i suoi formaggi)
  • Rome (Piazza del Popolo – Fontana del Nettuno)
  • Rome (Piazza Pia – Via della Conciliazione Intersection)
  • Rome (Piazza Navona – Sant'Agnese in Agone)
  • Rome (Pizzeria Disco Volante)
  • Rome (Piazza Regina Margherita)
  • Rome (Colosseum)
  • The first Detour of the race was בָּשָׂר (Basar - Meat) or חלב (Halav - Dairy). In Meat, teams had to make their way to the Antica Norcineria Viola, where they had to taste and distinguish nine different varieties of salami, and then correctly label the salamis located on a stall outside the store. Once teams had correctly labeled the salamis, they would receive their next clue. In Dairy, teams had to make their way to Beppe e i suoi formaggi cheese store and then proceed to grate 1.5 kilos of parmesan cheese using a small circular grater. Then, teams had to weigh the cheese, and if it was 1.5 kilos or more, they would receive their next clue. Teams found the U-turn reveal board on a nearby park.

    Additional tasks
  • Upon arriving in Rome, teams had to make their way to the parking lot C of Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport, and find there Maurizzio who would hand them their car keys and the next clue. In their clue, teams received an incomplete sticker of the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci, which they had to use in order to find the other part of the sticker located in the back glass of their car. If the sticker given matched the other part perfectly, teams could get in the car and drive to their next destinatiom, Ristorante La Carovana.
  • At the Ristorante La Carovana, teams had to retrieve different kinds of pasta with a large spoon from a boiling cooking pot, and then search in the hot pasta for sixteen letters. Then using some of the letters, teams had to find a word related to the Italian cuisine, which was Parmegiano. Before departing the Ristorante, teams had to vote for the team they wanted to U-turn.
  • After the Detour, teams had to find out who the God of the sea is in the Roman Mythology, which is Neptune. Having figured it out, teams had to make their way to Piazza del Popolo and find the next clue at Neptune's Fountain. For their next task, teams had to dress up as the figures on the fountain, Neptune and his trident, accompanied by two tritons. Teams had to use customes and paint their faces, neck, legs and arms, but since the fountain has three characters, they had to convince a local to dress up as one of the characters. Teams then had to earn ten Euros and give them to the Neptune impersonator in order to receive their next clue.
  • The clue where teams received and described the "white smoke can be seen", where they had to figure out their next destination is to the intersection of Piazza Pia and Via della Conciliazione, from where St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City can be seen. In their next task, one of the team members had to reach a tiramisu hanging six meters above the ground. To do so, both team members had to stack bottle crates, while one of them was standing at the top of the crates. Once one of the team members touched the tiramisu, they would receive two espressos, a tiramisu and the next clue.
  • At the Sant'Agnese in Agone Church, teams had find the clue outside of the church, where they must look for people using Italian fashion brands and then taking a selfie with the brand's logo. Once teams had taken five pictures they could exchange them with a model named Naomi for their next clue.
  • At the Pizzeria Disco Volante, teams had to show how to prepare a Pizza Margherita. Then, teams had to pick one pizza dough, and if it was red inside, they had to show it to the cook who would direct them to Piazza Regina Margherita where they would find an impersonator of Margherita of Savoy who would hand them their next clue in exchange of the prepared pizzas. If the dough was a normal one, teams would have to prepare the pizza using pomodoro, mozzarella and fresh basil. Teams would have to cook and carry as many pizzas as normal doughs they found before finding the red one.
  • At the Colosseum, teams had to correctly move one of the large matches in order to fix the equation written in Roman numerals. The original equation was "VI – IV = IX" and they had to come up with the equation "VI + IV = X", so they had to change the sign using the "I" in the original result. Once teams came up with the correct solution, they could run to the Pit Stop.
  • Leg 3 (Italy)

    Airdate: 5, 7 & 14 June 2016

  • Viterbo (Circuito internazionale di Viterbo)
  • Sutri (Piazza del Comune)
  • Sutri (Anfiteatro romano di Sutri) (Double-Battle)
  • Sutri (Alleys of Sutri)
  • Campagnano di Roma (Giuseppe's Olive Plantation)
  • Rome (Piazza Navona)
  • Rome (Pincian Hill – Pincio Park) (Overnight Rest)
  • Rome (Santa Maria in Trastevere)
  • Rome (Transmission Music Store)
  • Rome (Pincian Hill – Terrazza del Pincio)
  • The first Roadblock of the race located at Santa Maria in Trastevere, where one team member would have to recite sonnets in Italian and give different gifts (chocolates, roses, rings, etc.) to ten locals, who would have to give a cheek kiss to the racer. Once teams received ten kisses from ten different people, a Giacomo Casanova impersonator would hand them their next clue.

    Additional tasks
  • At the Circuito internazionale di Viterbo, in the town of Viterbo. Once there, both team members had to wear an overall and then one of them had to drive in a kart for two laps around the circuit. After completing one lap, the other team member would have to change one of the kart tires before the other team member could complete the other lap. If teams completed both laps in under 13 minutes, they would receive their next clue, otherwise they would have to try again.
  • At Piazza del Comune in the town of Sutri, teams had to learn a flag throwing choreography following the instructions of a flagman. Then, both team members had to properly perform the routine in front of the leader flagman, and if he was satisfied with the performance, teams would receive their next clue.
  • At the Anfiteatro romano di Sutri teams would face for the first double-battle, one team member had to wear a Roman gladiator custome which left him blindfolded. Then, two gladiators from different teams would have to face off inside of a large circle with the objective of catching the other one with a net. To do so, the non blindfolded team member would have to give instructions to its partner which included where the other person was, and when to throw the net. If one of the gladiators walked outside the marked circle, the point would be for the other team. Once a team had won two battles, they would receive their next clue and the losing team would have to wait for their next opponent. Before departing the Anfiteatro, teams would have to vote for the team they wanted to Yield.
  • At the Alleys of Sutri, teams had to take two baskets with fresh laundry and hung it from two different balconies that faced each other, one belonging to the Capulet family and the other belonging to the Montague family (named after the families from Romeo and Juliet). Clothes sized S and M belonged to the Capulet house, meanwhile sizes L and XL belonged to the Montague house, so if one team member had the clothes belonging to the other house he would have to throw it through the balcony to its team member. Once teams found the only piece of clothe sized XXXL, they could exchange it with the Mamma for their next clue.
  • At the Giuseppe's Olive Plantation in the town of Campagnano di Roma, teams had to transport 5 kilograms of olive from one bucket at the bottom of a hill to the one in the top of it. To do so, teams had to fill their hands with olives while walking barefoot over an oily plastic carpet. Once teams filled the bucket with 5 kilograms of olive, Giuseppe would hand them their next clue.
  • At Piazza Navona, teams had to play the role of a paparazzi by finding an Israeli celebrity hiding anywhere in the Piazza and taking multiple pictures of him. Teams had to figure out that the celebrity was in fact HaMerotz LaMillion 4 contestant Tom Baum (from Tom & Uriel) who was drinking a coffee in one of the Piazza's cafés. Teams then had to show the pictures to Tom, who would give them the next clue.
  • The clue instructed the teams to travel by taxi to the Pincio Park in the Pincian Hill. There teams would discover who was yielded before signing up on a board in the order they arrived at the park. The next morning, teams had to return to the park and properly arrange the planets in the Solar system from closest to farther to the Sun (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). Once teams though their order was correct, they had to call a Galileo Galilei impersonator, who would hand them their next clue. If the order was incorrect, teams would have to pick a paper containing one of two penalty tasks, that they would have to complete before trying again. The first penalty task consisted in one team member moving two buckets with water for thirty seconds without stopinh, one to the front and one to the back, in order to create centrifugal force. The other task consisted in one team member holding a Sun model, and the other one holding an Earth model. The person holding the Earth model would have to run around the person with the Sun model for six minutes and five seconds simulating the Earth's orbit.
  • At the Transmission Music Store, teams would have to find the only gramophone record belonging to an Italian singer in the whole store, which was Toto Cutugno's "L'Italiano". Once teams found a copy of this record, they could exchange it with the store manager for their next clue.
  • Additional note
  • At the Pit Stop in Terrazza del Pincio, the yielded teams would have to wait their 15-minute penalty before being allowed to check-in.
  • Leg 4 (Italy → Romania)

    Airdate: 20, 27 & 28 June 2016

  • Rome (Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport) to Bucharest, Romania (Henri Coandă International Airport)
  • Bucharest (Stadionul Dinamo)
  • Bucharest (University of Bucharest)
  • Bucharest (Casa Capșa) (Double-Battle)
  • Bucharest (Lipscani)
  • Bușteni (Cantacuzino Castle)
  • Bucharest (Artmark Galerie) (Overnight Rest)
  • Bucharest (Artizanat București)
  • Bucharest (Artmark Galerie)
  • Bucharest (Bucharest North railway station) to Brașov (Brașov railway station)
  • Brașov (Brașov Olympic Ice Rink)
  • Brașov (Piața Sfatului)
  • Brașov (Brașov Citadel (Romanian))
  • After arriving in Bucharest, teams had to travel by taxi to the Stadionul Dinamo, where they found their next clue, which was a Detour. The options were התעמלות אומנותית (Gymnastics) or אתלטיקה קלה (Athletics). In Gymnastics, both team members had to learn a gymnastics routine using one Hula hoop each. Then, they had to perform the routine in front of three judges, and if all of them scored it with a 7 or higher, teams would receive their next clue. In Athletics, one team member had to complete a hurdling course without touching any of the hurdles while completing it, otherwise the team member would have to complete the course again. Then, the next team member had to jump 1.20 meters on a high jump structure. Once both events were successfully completed, teams would get their next clue.

    Then teams had to make their way to the University of Bucharest, where they found a Roadblock. In this task, one team member would have to attach magnets in different parts of his body, and using them, he would have to search for the piece of metal that was not magnetized, which was an object made of gold. Once the team found this piece of gold, he could exchange it for the next clue.

    This clue instructed teams to make their way to Casa Capșa, where they found a Double-Battle. In this task, one team member from each competing team would have to say how many pieces of Romanian food (which included Mămăligă, Papanași and Mititei) he wanted his partner to eat. The last team member to say a number would make his partner eat that amount of food in the predetermined five minutes, while the person from the other team would have to wait. A team earned a point in any of two cases, first, if the team member eating ate all the food within the given time, or if the person eating was from the other team and couldn't eat the food in the time. The first team to reach two points would receive their next clue and win the battle. The last team standing would have to wait a 15-minute penalty.

    The next clue instructed the teams to make their way to Lipscani Street. Once there, teams had to convince a local to take part as a guest in a talk show hosted by one of the racers, and with the other racer also as a guest. While the host would have to ask personal questions to the local, the other racer would have to convince the local to let them rub a lemon on his elbows, apply avocado on his skin, and put a bra on his head. If the local accepted all these activities, teams would receive their next clue.

    Teams would then have to travel all the way to the town of Bușteni and find the Cantacuzino Castle. Once there, teams were received by a Dracula impersonator who guided them to a room without light and filled with scary stuff like spider webs, a coffin, an stuffed fox, etc. Teams had to search inside the room within ten minutes for their clue, which was hanging from the roof. If teams ran out of time, they would have to wait for their next turn and try again.

    Teams were then instructed to make their way to the Artmark Galerie in Bucharest, where they would find out which teams were Yielded and would sign up for a departure time next morning. The next day, teams had to go to Artizanat București and search in the store's showcases for something distinctive, which was the image of an specific castle. Then, they had to return to the Artmark Galerie and search among plenty of wax sealed letters for the one with a seal depicting exactly the same castle that they saw in the showcases. The incorrect letter also had seals depicting castles, but they were different.

    The correct letter instructed the teams to head to the Brașov Olympic Ice Rink in Brașov. Once there, teams had to ice skate inside the rink in order to match five different couples. On one side of the rink were the guys holding a pot inside a purse, while on the other side were the girls holding the pot's cover also inside a purse. To make a couple match, each team member had to take a person of opposite sex trying to match both the pot and the cover. Once teams matched all five couples, they would receive their next clue.

    The clue had teams visiting Piața Sfatului, where they would have to watch a traditional Romanian group dance. At one point in the routine, the female dancers would uncover letters attached to their heads, forming the Pit Stop's location: "Brașov Citadel". Before checking in, the Yielded teams would have to wait their 15-minutes penalty.

    Leg 5 (Romania → Namibia)

    Airdate: 4 & 5 July 2016

  • Bucharest (Henri Coandă International Airport) to Windhoek, Namibia (Hosea Kutako International Airport)
  • Windhoek (Okapuka Ranch)
  • Windhoek (Angola Street – Tyre Shop)
  • Windhoek (Angola Street – Uukwandongo Nampadhi Shoe Repairs)
  • Windhoek (Town Square near Clock Tower)
  • Windhoek (Windhoek Public Library)
  • Windhoek (Christ Church)
  • Upon arriving at the Okapuka Ranch, teams had to vote for the team they wanted to Yield. The first task in Namibia required teams to be tour guides in a safari. To do so, teams had had to learn facts about different animals that could be seen at the safari. Every time teams spotted an animal, they had to correctly say the facts to the tourists. Once teams had properly described three animals, the ranger would hand them their next clue.

    The next task also took place on the Okapuka Ranch. In this task, both team members had to wear a giraffe costume, which included a large head, stilts as back legs and crutches as front legs. Then, teams had to reach a basket located at the floor with the tongue attached to their costume's head and transport the basket and hang it on top of a wooden structure. Once teams transported all five baskets, they would receive their next clue.

    The next clue instructed the teams to properly set up a campsite, including a shower, following the example campsite. Once the ranger was satisfied with the team's work, they would receive their next clue. Before leaving the Okapuka Ranch, teams would find out which teams were yielded.

    Teams had to head back to Windhoek and find in the Angola Street a Tyre Shop, where they would find their next clue. Here, teams had to move five car tires from the Tyre Shop to the Shoe Repairs store. Each team member had to keep both legs inside two different tires at all times, with only one free tire to be moved. Once teams reached the Uukwandongo Nampadhi Shoe Repairs store with the five tires, they would receive their next clue from the shoemaker.

    At the Town Square, teams had to convince eight locals to jump the rope with them. The game would star with one person jumping the rope, then adding another one without stopping the rope until there were eight people jumping simultaneously for at least three cycles. If teams had to stop the rope, they would have to start again.

    Teams then had to make their way to the Windhoek Public Library, where they had to correctly place labels of African countries on a big map, with only the countries' capitals written on it. Teams could ask locals for help or do it entirely by themselves. Once teams though their map was correct, they had to show it to the teacher, who would hand them their next clue or reject them. If teams received the approval from the teacher, they had to make their way to the next Pit Stop: Christ Church. Before checking in, the yielded teams had to wait their 15-minutes penalty.

    Leg 6 (Namibia)

    Airdate: 11, 12 & 17 July 2016

  • Erongo Region (Moon Valley – Damara Tribe Village)
  • Swakopmund (Swakopmund Salt Company)
  • Swakopmund (Namib High School) (Double-Battle)
  • Erongo Region (Dorob National Park – Matterhorn Sand Dune (Dune # 7))
  • Erongo Region (Dorob National Park)
  • Swakopmund (Palm Beach)
  • Swakopmund (Swakopmund Hotel)
  • Upon arriving at the Damara Tribe Village, teams would first have to participate in an initiation ritual so they could join the tribe. They had to dress in traditional clothing and perform a welcoming dance. They then had to drink a foul-tasting concoction presented by the village leader, after which they would receive their next clue. Next, they had to make their way to the village's reservoir and fill up a bucket with water. They then had to use two crossed poles, one held by each team member, to carry the bucket 1.5km through the desert without dropping it. If they hadn't spilled too much water, teams would receive their next clue. Teams would then have to use wood, grass and elephant dung to light a fire using the tribe's methods. Once the fire was lit, teams would receive their next clue. Finally, teams made their way to the tribe's food storage area, where they would find 18 holes in the ground that are used by the tribe to store and cool food. Teams had to participate in a memory game, with each team member reaching into a hole and pulling up whatever disgusting object was inside. Teams had to try and make a match, and had to try again if they did not make a match. This would continue until teams successfully made nine matches, and then would receive their next clue. Once they had completed these challenges, they had to vote for the team that they wanted to Yield.

    At the Swakopmund Salt Company, teams had to enter the pink-coloured artificial lake, where they would dig up salt crystals from the lake bed. Teams had to continue doing this until they had harvested 25kg of salt. They would then add this to a cart that already had salt, bringing the total to 50kg, and then had to push this cart along a 1km route. After delivering the salt, teams would receive their next clue. This would instruct them to search through a gigantic mountain of salt for their next clue, which would be buried somewhere inside.

    At the Namib High School, teams competed in a Double-Battle, where they played a giant game of cardboard Jenga. The team who knocked over the tower in each match lost, and their opponents won the next clue. The team who lost the final match had to serve a fifteen-minute penalty before receiving their next clue. Teams then travelled to the intersection of Hendrik Witbooi/Woermann, where they found out which teams would be Yielded.

    At the bottom of Dune #7, teams found the Roadblock for this leg of the Race. In this Roadblock, one team member would have to ride a zorb down the slope of the dune, aiming for a 10-piece set of giant bowling pins. Any pins they knocked over, they could look into a pouch on the bottom. Only one of the pins had their next clue, but it would be placed in a random location every time the pins were set up. After they found the clue, their partner would ride a sandboard down the dune to meet up with them. Teams then had to drive dune buggies to a set of 'chill tents', where they would take a mandatory break from the race for a specified amount of time. After enjoying some fruit and juice, they would receive their next clue. Teams would then have to find an oasis, which was really a wading pool set up next to a lone tree. Teams would find five ropes, only one of which would lead up a very steep dune to the oasis. Teams had to follow the ropes, trying each one until they found the correct rope.

    At Palm Beach, teams would find a slingshot set up with five targets. Each target had a picture of a different Swakopmund landmark: the Swakopmund Lighthouse, the Swakopmund Hotel, the Palm Beach Jetty, the National Marine Aquarium, and the Woermann Tower. Teams had to hit the target of the location they thought the Pit Stop was at, after which they would travel to this location to see if the Pit Stop was actually there. The Pit Stop was at the Swakopmund Hotel. Before checking in, the Yielded teams would have to wait their 15-minutes penalty.

    Leg 7 (Namibia → Tanzania)

    Airdate: 19, 24 & 26 July 2016

  • Walvis Bay (Walvis Bay Airport) to Zanzibar City, Zanzibar, Tanzania (Abeid Amani Karume International Airport)
  • Zanzibar City (Seaweed Centre)
  • Michamvi (Sunset Bay Resort)
  • Pingwe (Kichanga Lodge)
  • Zanzibar City (Stone Town – British School of Zanzibar)
  • Zanzibar City (Stone Town – Old Dispensary)
  • Zanzibar City (Stone Town – Darajani Market)
  • Zanzibar City (Stone Town – Freddie Mercury House)
  • Zanzibar City (Stone Town – Stone Town Hotel)
  • Kiembe Samaki (Swahili) (Protea Pier)
  • Nungwi (Baraka Natural Aquarium)
  • Nungwi (Essque Zalu Pier)
  • At the Seaweed Centre, teams had to wade into the water and harvest seaweed from a seaweed farm. They would have to pull the plants off of 25 lines, making sure to replace the posts in exactly the same positions. Once all of the seaweed had been harvested and hauled to shore, teams would receive their next clue. They then had to head to a nearby café, where they voted for which team they would like to be U-Turned.

    In this leg's detour, teams chose between ברמן (Barmen) and מלצר (Waiter). In Barmen, teams would have to figure out how to pour liquid into seven stacked glasses at once, four in yellow on the bottom and three in red on the top. They would receive no instructions, but could use any method they saw fit to fill all of the glasses. In Waiter, one team member had to pick up a serving tray filled with fruit and glasses of tropical drinks. They would then stand on the end of a paddleboard while their partner paddled them out to a boat. If they could deliver the food and drink without spilling anything, teams would receive their next clue. Both detours required teams to head to the Sunset Bay Resort.

    At the Kichanga Lodge, teams would have their picture taken by a professional photographer on the beach. They had to follow the photographer's instructions to create many stunning and vibrant pictures. Towards the end of the session, teams would be surprised by the addition of a live snake, which would be draped over their body. They had to remain still and smiling for a few more pictures with the snake in order to receive their next clue.

    At the British School of Zanzibar, teams would have to learn how to perform a dance, and then film a music video to Shakira's song Waka Waka (This Time for Africa). If the choreographer was satisfied with their work, teams would receive their next clue.

    At the Old Dispensary, teams would be given a sample of a spice mix called 'al-Merotz'. One team member would smell the mixture to figure out what was in it, while their partner would taste samples from 20 available ingredients. Teams had to recreate the spice by using the same eight ingredients in order to get their next clue.

    At the Darajani Market, teams had to find a marked stand, where they would find 80 newspaper cones filled with nuts and beans. Teams had to open the cones and then eat whatever was inside, looking for their next clue. The clue was hidden on one of the newspapers, and featured a photograph of Ron Shahar. The clue asked them in Arabic, "اين موجود فريدي؟" (Where is Freddy?), directing them to the Freddie Mercury House.

    At the Stone Town Hotel, teams had to search through a hotel room for their next clue, which would be hidden inside a roll of toilet paper and underneath a box of tissues.

    At the Protea Pier, teams would have to walk out to the end of a log jutting out over the water and retrieve four flags from the end. There was only one log available, so teams would have to form a queue.

    At the Baraka National Aquarium, teams had to enter a pool full of turtles and search the murky water for a small turtle figurine which had the location of the Pit Stop written on the bottom.

    Leg 8 (Tanzania → India)

    Airdate: 31 July, 2 & 7 August 2016

  • Zanzibar City (Abeid Amani Karume International Airport) to Delhi, India (Indira Gandhi International Airport)
  • Delhi (Ghazipur Fish Market)
  • Delhi (Agrasen ki Baoli)
  • Delhi (Paharganj Main Bazaar Market)
  • Delhi (Kikar Nero Place)
  • Delhi (Cafe 21 Bakery)
  • Delhi (Shuba Lagam Wedding Hall)
  • Delhi (Dimple Farm)
  • Delhi (Institute For Driving and Traffic)
  • Delhi (Madame Chang Fabric)
  • Delhi (Humayun's Tomb – Isa Khan's Tomb)
  • Teams first had to head to the Ghazipur Fish Market. Once there, each team member would have to load five live catfish into a basket, then carry the basket on their head across the crowded market. Once all 20 fish had been delivered to a waiting vendor, teams would receive their next clue. After this task, they voted for which team they would like to be U-Turned.

    At Agrasen Ki Baoli, teams would find many Indian men in turbans walking around this area. Teams had to look under the men's turbans for one with a tiny race flag attached to the inside. If they didn't find a flag, they would have to spend at least 10 minutes rewrapping the man's turban.

    In this leg's Detour, teams had to choose between אכיל (Edible) and שביר (Fragile). In Edible, teams had to find a specific food vendor service, where they would pick up a rickshaw filled with tins of food. They had to peddle it through the crowded market, looking for Heena Beauty Parlor. After delivering the food, teams would receive their next clue. In Fragile, teams had to load clay pots onto a cart and then transport them through the crowded market. If they could deliver at least 25 unbroken pots, teams would receive their next clue.

    At Kikar Nero Place, one team member had to wear a sandwich board shaped like a giant pita bread. Their partner had to stand behind a designated line and use a device to squirt Amba sauce at them. The one in the sandwich board had to try and catch the sauce in the receptacle located inside. Once the receptacle was full, teams would receive their next clue.

    At Cafe 21 Bakery, teams received an invitation to a wedding and had to pick up a 30kg wedding cake and carry it by hand to Shuba Lagam Wedding Hall, where the wedding was taking place.

    At the wedding, teams first had to deliver the cake. Then, they would take part in an Indian wedding tradition where the team members would be tied together by their hands. They then had to look through a huge pile of wedding presents for one with their next clue inside. Some of the presents had cards inside with extra tasks the teams needed to perform before they continued searching. This included singing the bride a Hebrew bridal song, feeding each other an entire 'level' of wedding cake, dancing with the grandmothers, dancing with 10 guests in a conga line, and toasting the bride and groom.

    At Dimple Farm, teams would be shown nine advanced yoga poses, and would have to perform three of them and hold each pose for at least 10 seconds to receive their next clue.

    At the Institute for Driving and Traffic Research, both team members would have to pass a rickshaw driving exam in order to receive their next clue.

    At Madame Chang Fabric, one team member would have to observe a board containing a series of coloured handprints. They would then pick up two balloons and run through a crowd, who would pelt them with coloured dyes like in the Holi Festival. Once they reached their partner, they would break the balloons on them to see what colour paint was inside. If it was a colour they needed, they would instruct their partner to make a handprint in the correct spot on the diagram with that colour. If teams made a mistake, they had to start over from the beginning. Once the diagram was properly recreated, teams would receive their next clue.

    At Isa Khan's Tomb, teams would pay tribute to Slumdog Millionaire by playing a simplified version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?. Teams would be provided with two lifelines and had to answer three multiple choice questions. However, these lifelines had to be set up ahead of time. In order to use 50/50, teams needed to obtain two 50 rupee bills from a local (not a 100 rupee bill). Teams would give these bills to the host in order to use the lifeline. In order to use Phone a Friend, teams needed to find a local willing to let them use their phone to call long-distance to Israel. Teams would then call a designated number, connected to a phone sitting in the middle of a walkway in Israel. Any random Israel local could pick up the phone and help the team with their question. Teams were asked the population of India, which of four board games was invented in India, and a time zone question involving the time in Israel and New Delhi. If any question was answered incorrectly, teams would have to serve a 15-minute penalty. After the three questions had been answered, teams were directed to the Pit Stop at Humayun's Tomb.

    Leg 9 (India → South Korea)

    Airdate: 9, 14, 16 & 21 August 2016

  • Delhi (Indira Gandhi International Airport) to Seoul, South Korea (Incheon International Airport)
  • Gwacheon, Gyeonggi (Seoul Land)
  • Seoul (Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market)
  • Seoul (Yangcheon Haenuri Sports Park) (Double-Battle)
  • Seoul (Kolon Sporex)
  • Seoul (Namsangol Hanok Village)
  • Seoul (Gyeongbokgung – Gwanghwamun Gate)
  • Seoul (Luxury Karaoke)
  • Seoul (Seocho District – Samsung Delight)
  • Seoul (Su Noraebang)
  • Seoul (Sogang University)
  • Seoul (Changcheon-dong)
  • Seoul (Olympic Park)
  • At Seoul Land, teams had to ride a rollercoaster and watch out for a complex mathematical equation that was being held up on a sign as they rode the ride. If they solved it by the end of the ride, they received their next clue. Otherwise, they had to ride the rollercoaster again.

    At Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market, there were six boxes with live seafood in them, each with a number written on them. Teams had to transport their given number of seafood items across the market to a vendor to receive their next clue. There was a 30-minute time limit to transport their items.

    At Yangcheon Haenuri Sports Park, teams faced the Double-Battle for this leg. In this Double-Battle, a team member on one team dressed a mouse and a team member on the opposing team dresses as a cat. Their respective partners have to guide them through a maze to achieve their objectives - for the Mouse team, they must find the block of cheese and for the Cat team, they must find the Mouse. Whichever team achieves their objective first wins the point. The first team to win two matches gets their next clue, while the losers must wait for the next team to arrive. The team who loses the final match must wait out a fifteen-minute penalty before receiving their next clue.

    At Kolon Sporex, teams must take part in a Korean game show where they must dive into a pond and put together eleven floating puzzle pieces to form the South Korean flag. However, one team member must be wrapped in bubble wrap and their partner must paddle them like a boat. Once the puzzle is complete, they receive their next clue.

    At Namsangol Hanok Village, teams must find the one piece of plastic food that is hiding on a buffet of Korean delicacies. Anything they pick up must be eaten. Once they find the fake food, they receive their next clue.

    At the Gwanghwamun Gate, teams must pick out the five Korean characters from the ninety that are printed on cards. Then, they must use locals to help them work out what the five characters spell - their next destination. They can only take five cards with them at a time.

    At Luxury Karaoke, teams take part in the bamboo game called tuho. They are given twenty bamboo sticks and must successfully throw five of them into a narrow pot. If they land five in the pot, they receive their next clue. If they fail, they must spend ten minutes singing karaoke, before attempting the task again. After they finish this task, they must vote for which team they wish to Yield.

    At the Samsung store, teams search the ground floor for a message on a screen from the host, directing them to the second floor of the store. There, they take part in a video chat with loved ones from home before receiving their next clue.

    In Su Noraebang, teams had to find "K-Food Express", where they would pick up a cart and load it with a serving of Israeli food. Their first serving contained pitta with hummus, a falafel, and a spicy egg. Teams had to convince a single Korean local to eat all of this food, otherwise they would have to go back and get a new dish. After this, teams would then have to find a local to eat a single serving of Gefilte. Once this was accomplished, teams would receive their next clue.

    At Sogang University, one team member would observe a listing of six electronic cables that were required to hook up a home theatre system, while their partner would have to find them in a huge tangle of wires. The one looking at the sign had to stand behind a line and could not help, while the one untangling the wires could not see the sign. Once the six wires were retrieved and used to properly hook up the home theatre system, it would turn on and display the teams' next destination. Here, teams would discover who would receive the Yield.

    At Changcheon-Dong, teams would observe a photograph of Miss South Korea, and had to search the nearby streets for her. Once they thought they had found her, they had to hand her a tiara and sash, and say a Korean phrase meaning "You are very beautiful". If they had found the real Miss South Korea, teams would receive their next clue, directing them to the Pit Stop at the Olympic Park. Josie & Alex had to serve their Yield penalty before checking-in at the mat.

    Leg 10 (South Korea → Vietnam)

    Airdate: 30 August, 4 & 6 September 2016

  • Seoul (Incheon International Airport) to Hanoi, Vietnam (Noi Bai International Airport)
  • Hanoi (Hanoi Opera House)
  • Hanoi (Hoàn Kiếm Lake)
  • Hanoi (Trúc Bạch Lake)
  • Hanoi (Hau Hoc Van) (Double-Battle)
  • Hanoi (Temple of Literature)
  • Hanoi (Lenin Park)
  • Hanoi (Nghia Mai)
  • Hanoi (Thu Le Park Zoo)
  • Hanoi (Huong Lien Bun Cha Restaurant)
  • Hanoi (Vietnam Museum of Ethnology)
  • Hanoi (Imperial Citadel of Thăng Long)
  • At the Hanoi Opera House, teams had to stand on the roof and watch the busy roundabout underneath the building, looking for seven numbers on vehicles and people below. Once they had all seven, they had to head to a nearby motorcycle parking lot and find one of a few number plates with all seven numbers on it, to receive their next clue. This is also where they had to vote for which team would be U-Turned.

    At Hoàn Kiếm Lake, teams faced this leg's detour, where they chose between Slow & Fast. In Slow, teams had to perform thirty minutes of Tai Chi to receive their next clue. In Fast, teams had to perform Cardio Aerobics to receive their next clue. Once they completed their respective detours, they were directed to the U-Turn board at Trúc Bạch Lake.

    At Trúc Bạch Lake Marina, teams had to ride in a swan boat, where they took a mandatory break from the Race.

    At Hau Hoc Van, teams faced the Double-Battle for this leg. One team member from each team must perch on a thin pole and balance themselves, whilst trying to hit their opponent off the log to score a point. The first team to score two points receives their next clue, whilst the loser waits for the next team.

    At the Temple of Literature, Teams would pick up a pair of shoulder harnesses with baskets and fill them with rice. They would then carry the rice along a marked path around the temple until they reached a set of scales, where they would weigh their rice. Once teams reached a total of 284kg of rice - the amount that an average Vietnamese family consumes in a year, they received their next clue.

    At Lenin Park, teams would find a series of blocks on the ground. One team member would stand on the starting block, while their partner would retrieve bamboo ladders of varying lengths from a large pile. They could only lay down ladders if they fit perfectly between a pair of blocks. Teams needed to find a way to use their limited amount of ladders to cross all of the blocks to reach their next clue.

    At Nghia Mai, teams had to find a marked coal shop, where team would use local tools to make 30 round coal bricks, a traditional Vietnamese fuel source, using wet coal. They would then have to use tongs to pick up four bricks, two per team member, and carry them through the neighbourhood without damaging them or putting them down. Once they delivered them to a marked vendor, she would use them to power her stoves and give the teams the next clue.

    At Thu Le Park Zoo, teams would have to learn how to perform a traditional Chinese lion dance. During the dance, teams would need to jump across a series of platforms while wearing the lion costume, taking care not to fall off. If successful, teams would receive their next clue. Huong Lien Bun Cha Restaurant

    At Huong Lien Bun Cha Restaurant, teams would have to eat the entire contents of a foul-smelling durian, freshly picked off of the tree. Once they finished their meal, teams would receive their next clue.

    At the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, teams had to enter a specific building, where they would find 1500 Vietnamese 'hon' hats. One team member had to look through the hats for one with a tiny race flag on the underside. For every hat they picked up, they would have to place it on the head of their partner, continuing to stack them up higher and higher. If the hats fell off of their head at any point, the team would have to serve a 10-minute penalty before continuing. Once teams found the hat with the tiny race flag, they could exchange it for their next clue, directing them to the Pit Stop at the Imperial Citadel of Thăng Long.

    Leg 11 (Vietnam → Cambodia)

    Airdate: 11, 12 and 13 September 2016

  • Hanoi (Noi Bai International Airport) to Siem Reap, Cambodia (Siem Reap International Airport)
  • Siem Reap (Siem Reap Harbor) to Tonlé Sap (Dock)
  • Tonlé Sap (School)
  • Tonlé Sap (Kho Andeth)
  • Tonlé Sap (Houseboat)
  • Siem Reap (Wat Damnak)
  • Siem Reap (Wat Preah Prom Rath)
  • Sokha (Sita's Farm)
  • Sokha (Basket Selling Stall)
  • Sokha (Rice Farm)
  • Siem Reap (9th Street)
  • Siem Reap (Angkor Wat)
  • Siem Reap (Wat Tang Tok)
  • Siem Reap (Baphuon Temple)
  • In this leg's Roadblock, one team member would have to ride a bike laden with a very heavy load of baskets along the main road, continuing until they reached a farm. There, they had to search through all of the baskets for the one with a small race flag attached, which teams then had to use to catch fish in the farm's pond. The basket could be used to trap fish, and then teams would reach in through a hole in the top to pick them up with their bare hands. Once they caught five fish, teams would receive their next clue. This was also where teams would discover who would receive the Yield.

    Additional note
  • While in Tonlé Sap, teams travelled by rowboat.
  • Additional tasks
  • At the School, teams would spend time with the pupils for a short time before receiving their next clue.
  • At Kho Andeth, teams would have to follow a set of precise instructions to build their own bamboo raft. They would then have to use it to solve a real-life version of a classic brain teaser. Teams would be given one of two sets of figures. They would either have a lion, pig, tortoise and bananas, or they would have a tiger, rooster, parrot and corn. Teams had to transport the predator, the farm animal, and the food over to a nearby houseboat, but could only carry one item at a time. The predator could not be left alone with the farm animal or it would be eaten. Likewise, the farm animal could not be left alone with the food, or it would be eaten. The tortoise and parrot were not part of the puzzle, but teams were not told this. Once teams solved the puzzle, they would receive their next clue.
  • On the Houseboat, teams would spend a predetermined amount of time and take a break from the race, during which time they could eat tropical fruit and rest on hammocks. Once the time was up, teams would receive their next clue.
  • At Wat Damnak, teams would have to observe an intricate Buddha shrine, memorizing where all of the little pieces were located. They would then take it apart so that it could be transported, and load it onto a cyclo to take to their next destination.
  • At Wat Preah Prom Rath, teams had to put the Buddha shrine back together so that it matched the configuration that they saw at Wat Damnak. Teams were free to return to Wat Danmak at any point to check the example. Once the shrine was properly put back together, teams would receive their next clue. This was also where teams voted for who they would like to receive this leg's Yield.
  • At Sita's Farm, teams would have to herd 500 ducks along a marked field and bring them to a lake, where they would rest with the ducks for 10 minutes. They then had to herd all 500 of them back to their holding pen to receive their next clue.
  • On 9th Street, teams had to set up a food stall and fill a pot with oil to prepare for deep frying. Teams would then cook with the ingredients they had been given. Unbeknownst to the teams, these ingredients were beetles, crickets, worms and spiders. One team member had to pick up the bugs with their bare hands and pass them to their team member, who would deep fry them. Once everything was cooked and prepared, teams had to sell the food they had just made. In total, teams would have to earn 20,000 riels. Any customer they sold food to would have to take a bite of the food to prove that they would not just throw away what they had bought. Once teams had earned enough money, they would receive their next clue.
  • At Angkor Wat, teams would find five different offerings on the outskirts of the temple, and had to choose one. They then had to climb a very steep set of stairs to reach one of three monks and present their offering. Each monk would only accept a single type of offering. If teams brought the wrong kind, the monk would say a Buddhist proverb to them in English, which would subtly hint at what they wanted. Once all three monks received their proper offerings, teams would receive their next clue.
  • At Wat Tang Tok, teams had to pick one of 50 bowls of coins, and then drop one coin into each of the 102 small cups set up near the Buddha statue. If teams had chosen a bowl with exactly 102 coins, they would receive their next clue. Otherwise, they would have to try again with a different bowl.
  • Leg 12 (Cambodia → Australia)

    Airdate: 18, 19 and 20 September 2016

  • Siem Reap (Siem Reap International Airport) to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (Melbourne Airport)
  • Melbourne (Brighton Beach)
  • Melbourne (Albert Park – Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre)
  • Melbourne (Carlton – Royal Exhibition Building)
  • Melbourne (Docklands Pier – City Marina)
  • Melbourne (Carlton – Melbourne Museum)
  • Melbourne (City Centre – Bourke Street)
  • Melbourne (Southbank – National Gallery of Victoria)
  • Melbourne (South Melbourne – Chez Dré)
  • Geelong (South Geelong – Kardinia Park (Simonds Stadium))
  • Geelong (Geelong Town Hall)
  • Additional tasks
  • At Brighton Beach, teams had to search Melbourne's iconic colorful beach huts for the one which could be unlocked with a key included with the clue. Then, they had to look amongst many items on a beach each with a sticker corresponding to a hut. If the sticker matches the teams' hut they would receive their next clue, otherwise teams had to carry the item to whichever hut was on the sticker before grabbing another item.
  • At Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, teams had to surf on a standing wave for 2 minutes and 50 seconds total. Each team member were required to surf for at least one minute. When the teams combined times reached the necessary length, they would their next clue.
  • At the Royal Exhibition Building, one team member had to roll the other who was strapped inside a giant wheel a 300 metres (0.19 mi) distance around the courtyard on a five minute limit. Once they successfully completed the course, they would get their next clue.
  • At the Docklands City Marina, teams changed into a kangaroo costume with spring shoes and sorted through 20 photos of landmarks, foods, and celebrities. If teams correctly chose the 12 pictures that were Australian, the judge would give them their next clue.
  • At Melbourne Museum, teams had to play a giant trivia board game, which was divided into the countries they visited during the race. Then, teams had to roll the dice to advance their token to a space where they would draw a card which contained a question and a penalty related to the leg from that space's country, with the exception of the Australia spaces which contained questions about previous seasons of HaMerotz LaMillion. If teams answered the question correctly they could roll the dice again; however if their answer was wrong teams had to complete the penalty task before rolling again. Additionally, each country had a space where, if landed on, teams drew a card that would instruct them to move their token to a specific country. Once the teams reached the end of the board, a man dressed as Captain Cook would hand them their next clue.
  • The next clue where teams instructed to find the neighbour Charlene Robinson at Bourke Street, they learn how to figure out that character portrayed in hit soap opera Neighbours, this referred to Kylie Minogue. Then, they had to find a Kylie Minogue impersonator, who would sing "Especially for You" for them and give the teams a tablet with a special message from loved ones back at home. When finished, the impersonator herself would hand out their next clue.
  • At the National Gallery of Victoria, one team member had to hang upside down in a harness and spray paint a picture using stencils. The team member on the ground must pull ropes to move them into each direction to collect. After painting with two stencils, team members would swap places for the last stencil. Once they done, the art director would hand them their next clue.
  • At Chez Dré, one team member had a screen over their eyes that showed video from a camera that was on their partner's head. This team member then had to prepare and decorate a cake to meet the standards of a baker. When the baker was satisfied with their cake, teams received their next clue.
  • At Simonds Stadium, teams had to count the number of players running around the stadium's pitch. Then, they would use this number to find a seat with a clue envelope attached to the chair. If the number was correct, the envelope their next clue. If the number was wrong, the envelope instructed teams to do exercises as a penalty before trying again.
  • Leg 13 (Australia)

    Airdate: 26 September 2016

  • Melbourne (Docklands Pier)
  • Melbourne (St Kilda – St Kilda Beach)
  • Melbourne (City Centre – Federation Square)
  • Melbourne (Docklands – Melbourne Star)
  • Healesville (Hedgend Maze)
  • Additional tasks
  • At Docklands Pier, teams had to choose a yacht and sail towards their next destination at St Kilda Beach.
  • At the St Kilda Beach, teams had to pick a circle of flags, containing the names of the cities visited the race by describing "hello". They had to be attached at the waist by an elastic band, then into a globe hanging on a wire. They instructed to position carefully, if the globe does not move out of the circle flags in the center, they would serve the one-minute penalty. Each objective would match in the corresponding city to say "hello" on the native language during the Race, the correct answers are:
  • Once these words were matched up, they would get their next clue.
  • At the Federation Square, teams had to gather 50 people who would give them a shirt of their particular color. They would then proceed to the grounds and assemble a group to say the phrase, "!שם הקבוצה) היא הקבוצה הכי טובה בעולם) ((Team name) is the best team in the world!)". Once the crowd recited the phrase, teams would assemble a director, cameraman and sound technician to shoot a short video that would explain why they should win a million, and where it end with a crowd shouting a phrase. If the video was approved, the director would give them their next clue.
  • At the Melbourne Star, teams had to choose one of the cars at the ferris wheel and must climb up to the girders into an opposite direction. Once teams made into a halfway mark, they would transfer to another car from the ladder to the outside one. Once at the top, they could climb into one of the cars and had to wait back to the ground, they would receive their next clue.
  • At Hedgend Maze, teams had to search a huge extreme maze within a length of 1 kilometre (0.62 mi), to the finish line until the end. Once they found at the end of the maze, search the empty "Pit Stop" mat and the clue box, instructing them to fly to Israel and would be ending at Ariel Sharon Park to claim their placement.
  • References

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