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Founded  1999
Website  www.hysta.com
Headquarters  Silicon Valley
Type  Non-Profit Organization

HYSTA华源 (Hua Yuan Science and Technology Association) is a professional organization aimed at business leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs and students who wish to promote business, cultural exchange and to foster beneficial U.S. - China business relationships, and to facilitate networking and exchange of business ideas among successful Chinese entrepreneurs and executives in Silicon Valley and mainland China.



HYSTA华源 was established in 1999 by a group of Chinese entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. From humble beginning as foreign students with almost no assets or connections, they became prominent business leaders in the Silicon Valley. They created HYSTA with the hope to share their experiences and knowledge with young Chinese professionals entering the business world. HYSTA华源, in Chinese, means both Chinese origin and resources for the Chinese.


Current leadership in HYSTA华源 from 2009-2010

HP Jin - President of HYSTA Co-Founder, President and CEO, Telenav

Shoucheng Zhang - Vice President of HYSTA Professor of Physics, Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University Sr. adviser, Legend Holding

Lili Zheng - CFO of HYSTA Partner, Deloitte

Jay Chen - Executive Director of HYSTA 2010

Leslie Yuen - Executive Director of HYSTA 2012


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