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HUMlab is an interdisciplinary digital lab at Umeå University in the north east of Sweden. Its organization was founded in 1997 and it opened as a functioning digital space in 2000. It has been the venue for numerous conferences, workshops and seminars dealing with issues surrounding digital media, the humanities and interdisciplinary research and development. It functions as a teaching space, a laboratory and as a studio.


The HUMlab website contains an archive of streamed seminars and online papers. Current themes include participatory media, digital cultural heritage, emergent communication and critical perspectives.

HUMlab (the laboratory)

The main premises were founded by the university's Faculty of Arts and are situated in the cellar below Umeå University Library. In 2008 HUMlab was expanded to almost 500 m2, now containing (among other things) a "screen landscape" with 11 large touchscreens, which have been used for arts projects and to visualize research

HUMlab X

A second laboratory called HUMlab X opened 2012 at Umeå Arts Campus, a former industry area rebuilt 2009–2012 to an education center, also housing Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå Institute of Design, Umeå School of Architecture and Bildmuseet (English: The Picture Museum).


HUMlab Wikipedia

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