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HTZC UAVs are Chinese UAVs developed by Shenyang Aviation China Survey Co. Ltd. (HTZC, 沈阳航天中测有限公司). Although HTZC UAVs are capable of performing other missions such as reconnaissance, only the drone versions have entered service with Chinese military according to the Chinese news report.



H-300 is a high speed drone is a high subsonic drone developed by HTZC. H-300 is rocket powered with H is the short for Pinyin Huojian (火箭), meaning rocket in Chinese. H-300 made its public debut at the 9th Zhuhai Airshow held in 2012 in model form, but its parameters were not revealed due to security reasons. H-300 has a cylindrical fuselage with pointed nose cone, and a pair of delta wings with Y-shaped tail control surfaces.


W-300 is a high subsonic drone developed by HTZC. W-200 is turbojet-powered with W is the short for Pinyin Wo-pen (涡喷), abbreviation for turbojet in Chinese. W-200 has a cylindrical fuselage with swept wing, and fuselage mounted tailplane. The nosecone of W-200 is not as pointed as that of H-300, a possible indications of W-200 might have lower speed than H-300, and the inlet is located atop the fuselage at the end of the empennage. Revealed at the same time as its rocket-powered cousin H-300 in the model form, the parameters of W-200 were not shown to the public either, due to security reasons due to its current service with Chinese military.


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