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HMS Cleopatra

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Several ships of the Royal Navy have been named HMS Cleopatra, after the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra:

  • HMS Cleopatra was a 32 gun fifth rate, built in 1779 and broken up in 1814. The French captured her in 1805 and she spent several days in their hands before being recaptured.
  • HMS Cleopatra was a 26 gun sixth rate built in 1835 and broken up in 1862.
  • HMS Cleopatra was a Comus-class screw corvette built in 1878, and used for harbour service from 1905. She was renamed Defiance III in 1922 and sold for breaking up in 1931.
  • HMS Cleopatra was a C-class light cruiser built in 1915 and broken up in 1931.
  • HMS Cleopatra was a Dido class cruiser built in 1940 and broken up in 1958.
  • HMS Cleopatra was a Leander-class frigate launched in 1964 and sold for scrap in 1993.
  • The name can also refer to Cleopatra, an East India Company paddle frigate built in 1839 and sunk by a tropical cyclone in the Indian Ocean in 1847.


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