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Country  Sweden
County  Skåne County
Time zone  CET (UTC+1)
Local time  Saturday 3:19 PM
Province  Skåne
Municipality  Vellinge Municipality
Area  66 ha
Population  1,105 (31 Dec 2010)
Weather  5°C, Wind NW at 29 km/h, 85% Humidity

Hököpinge is a locality situated in Vellinge Municipality, Skåne County, Sweden with 1,105 inhabitants in 2010. It lies about 2 km north of Vellinge.


Map of 235 92 H%C3%B6k%C3%B6pinge, Sweden

The village contains mostly older buildings along small roads. However, in the village's outer reach there are newly built four-storey buildings in "factory style" at the former factory.


Researchers believe that around the 12th century this was a marketplace, mainly because of its position. Hököpinge is located close to the sea and was well protected against wars inland, an ideal place for a marketplace.

The name Hököpinge comes from the Old Norse word Haukrs, which means "marketplace". In 1346 the name was spelled Hököpingel, in 1479 Hökiobinge and in 1567 Höykiöpinge.

The main road that went between the two larger cities Malmö and Trelleborg went by Hököpinge and not by Vellinge. This stresses the importance of Hököpinge's role in trading.

Recent history

On 11 November 2009 it was revealed that Vellinge Municipality would have the municipalities' first lodging for refugee children set up in a hostel in Hököpinge. The lodging for the refugee children was set up by the private company, Attendo Care, commissioned by Malmö Municipality. This was opposed by many politicians in Vellinge Municipality, claiming support of the inhabitants of Hököpinge. Vellinge hasn't accepted refugees before this.


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