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Háj u Aše

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Mountain type  Schist Ridge
Elevation  758 m
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Parent range  Fichtelgebirge (Smrčiny)
Range  Fichtel Mountains (Smrčiny)
Similar  Lesný, Olověný vrch, Blatenský vrch, Komorní hůrka, Aberg

Rozhledna h j u a e

The Háj u Aše (German: Hainberg bei Asch, 758 m) is the highest elevation in the Bohemian part of the Fichtelgebirge mountains (Smrčiny). It is the local mountain of the town of Aš (Asch) in the Czech Republic.


Map of H%C3%A1j u A%C5%A1e, 352 01 A%C5%A1, Czechia

H j u a e


The Háj rises immediately northeast of the town of Aš in the Bohemian Vogtland. Other settlements in the area Dolní Paseky (Niederreuth) and Podhradí (Neuberg) which belong to the borough of Aš. On the summit is a mountain inn with an observation tower.


On 19 June 1904 the 34 metre high stone observation tower on the summit was opened. It was designed by the Dresden architect, Wilhelm Kreis. The tower still stands and is one of the three Bismarck towers on the territory of the Czech Republic.


From the tower there are good views over the Fichtelgebirge, Elstergebirge and Ore Mountains.

Paths to the summitEdit

  • Departure points for a visit of the mountain are the town of Aš and the village of Podhradí. A blue signed walking trail joins both locations, running over the summit of the mountain.
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