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Gyeongju (film)

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Director  Lu Zhang
Music director  Kang Min-guk
Country  South Korea China
7/10 IMDb

Genre  Drama
Screenplay  Lu Zhang
Writer  Lu Zhang
Language  Korean
Gyeongju (film) movie poster

Release date  June 12, 2014 (2014-06-12)
Initial release  June 12, 2014 (South Korea)
Cast  Park Hae-Il (Choi Hyeon), Shin Min-a (Gong Yoon-hee), Yoon Jin-Seo (University junior), Shin So-yul (Da-yeon)
Similar movies  Sunshine Love, My Sister, the Pig Lady, He's on Duty, The Ugly Truth, The Sound Of A Flower, You've Got Mail

Gyeongju trailer festival 2014

Gyeongju (Hangul: 경주) is a 2014 South Korean romantic comedy film written and directed by Zhang Lu, starring Park Hae-il and Shin Min-ah.


Gyeongju (film) movie scenes


Gyeongju (film) movie scenes

Choi Hyeon visits Korea to pay his respects to his recently deceased friend Kim Chang-hee. He sees his other friend Kang. Hyeon is a history professor by profession in China but people often mistake him for a weirdo. When people try to connect with him he snubs them, but maintains an outwardly close relation. After paying his respects he roams around Gyeongju, capital of the Silla Kingdom, and now famous for only tombs and tumulis. He visits a teahouse that he, Kim and Kang visited seven years ago. Hyeon gets curious about an erotic piece of art that vanished which was displayed there and shows interest in the current owner of the joint, Gong Yun-hee. They further start to spend the day together. She invites him to her bed but he is preoccupied with his thoughts and the picture. He leaves in the morning and knows that some people whom he saw yesterday have died. He wanders more. In the next morning at the teahouse Gong Yun-hee is seen curious about the erotic art which she has covered with wallpaper after acquiring the joint. A flashback is shown where Hyeon and his friends sit around the teahouse table and comment on the erotic poetry painting with the writing "Lets have a drink and then each other". Kim Chang-hee's current widowed wife appears to be the previous owner of the teahouse.


Gyeongju (film) movie scenes

  • Park Hae-il as Choi Hyeon
  • Shin Min-ah as Gong Yoon-hee
  • Yoon Jin-seo as Yeo-jeong
  • Kim Tae-hoon as Detective Lee Young-min
  • Kwak Ja-hyeong as Lee Choon-won
  • Shin So-yul as Da-yeon
  • Baik Hyun-jhin as Professor Park
  • Ryoo Seung-wan as Teacher Kang
  • Lee Eun-woo as Kim Chang-hee's wife
  • Jeong In-seon as young receptionist
  • Lee Hyeon-jeong as mother
  • Kim Soo-ahn as little kid
  • Kim Hak-seon as Kim Chang-hee

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