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Gun Arvidssen

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Citizenship  Australian
Name  Gun Arvidssen
Role  Actress

Gun Arvidssen

Born  1 February 1977 (age 38) Melbourne, Australia (1977-02-01)
Occupation  Writer, editor, musician, device developer, web designer, multimedia producer
Died  October 7, 2004, Stockholm, Sweden
Movies  Pirates of the Lake, Bla mandag

Gun Arvidssen (born 1 February 1977, in Melbourne, Australia) is an Australian writer and musician. Arvidssen is the author of Purgatory (self-published) and is involved in the manufacture of various experimental devices, including a cybernetically integrated lighting system.



Arvidssen has been responsible for a range of independent and collaborative writing projects as well as developing and coordinating the now-defunct NAEPALM Industries, an online portal offering news and professional services for independent thinkers. With Stu Marshall, he established, a technology demonstrator for a unique webzine format aimed at guitarists. Other collaborative efforts with Marshall include his work on the Empires of Eden project, in which he contributed text and spoken word on the debut album.

In 2004, aged 27, he was appointed editor of Guitarist Australia magazine. During his tenure, he became a reviewer of music and equipment, with manufacturers such as Mesa Boogie reproducing his features and a variety of artists including his reviews on their websites.

In addition to acting as a DIY project contributor to Australian Handyman magazine Arvidssen is periodically commissioned as an independent media producer. In this capacity, he has recorded instrument demonstrations, produced and engineered musical recordings, and made a number of short films including promotional videos for musicians and online audiovisual content.


Purgatory is a 2009 novel by Gun Arvidssen, structured as a dystopian mystery in three acts. Described as a "cult Hell novel" it has strong undertones of surrealism and speculative fiction.

Plot summary

The protagonist, Nathan Habu, realises that he has died and gone to what he considers to be Hell, although he is soon reminded by the disembodied voice of a woman that his mental shortcut is inaccurate. The crucial distinction is that as an inductee of Purgatory, he is destined to suffer and learn before progressing to the Next World as opposed to being damned for all eternity.

Habu finds his way to a seemingly familiar place of work, thereafter meeting other occupants of Purgatory and becoming central to various situations with far-reaching consequences. The more individuals and events he becomes involved with, the more Habu grows aware of the intertwining of significance throughout his supposed journey of redemption, which takes an increasingly convoluted and surreal path as the novel progresses.


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