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Guai a chi ci tocca

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Released  1995
Artist  Bisca99Posse
Label  RCA Records
Guai a chi ci tocca (1995)  Cerco tiempo (1996)
Release date  1995
Guai a chi ci tocca httpsiytimgcomvihCw7JzPyb8Qmaxresdefaultjpg
Recorded  Splash Naples (Italy) Flying Recording Naples (Italy)
Genres  Hip hop music, Ska, Rap music
Similar  Incredibile opposizione tour 94, Cerco Tiempo, La vida que vendrá, NA9910º, Curre curre guaglió

Bisca 99 posse guai a chi ci tocca

Guai a chi ci tocca, is the second studio album from the Italian band 99 Posse. Recorded by Enzo Rizzo at Flying Recording studios (Naples) and by Massimo Aluzzi at Splash studios (Naples), it was released on 1994.

This is the second work born by the collaboration of 99 Posse and Bisca, after the live disc Incredibile opposizione tour 94.
The musical style of this album cannot be easily definied, because the two bands play very different styles of music.
The track Omaggio a Massimo (translatable as Tribute to Massimo), is a tribute to the Italian actor Massimo Troisi. This is not a song, but a part of a monologue of Massimo Troisi.
The track Resiste Chiapas is a remix of a popular song wrote by EZLN, where is repeated the phrase "Zapata vive, la lucha sigue" (Zapata is still alive, the fight still goes on).


Tu lo chiami dio bisca99posse hq versione originale album guai a chi ci tocca

Track listing

  1. Scetateve Guagliu' - 04:24
  2. No Way - 04:57
  3. Omaggio a Massimo - 00:49
  4. Guai a chi ci tocca - 04:26
  5. Il carabiniere di Siviglia - 00:28
  6. 'A Finanziaria - 05:29
  7. Resiste Chiapas - 02:05
  8. Sudditi - 05:00
  9. Il tempo degli autonomi - 00:59
  10. Children Ov Babilon - 04:31
  11. Sasa' - 01:54
  12. Hip Hop Serio - 04:48
  13. Tu lo chiami dio - 05:59


1Scetateve Guagliu'4:24
2No Way4:57
3Omaggio a Massimo0:49


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