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Grupo de Usuarios de Linux de Costa Rica

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Grupo de Usuarios de Linux de Costa Rica

GULCR stands for "Grupo de usuarios de Linux de Costa Rica" (Costa Rican Linux User Group). The GULCR is a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide information about the Linux OS to the local community. It also promotes linux-related activities and sometimes acts as a Linux representative in computer related events and conferences.



It was informally created on August 18, 1998. Its mailing list started two days after that.

As of September 2006 there are about 4 people who participate actively in the group and an unknown number of people subscribed to its main mailing list, with less than 10 participating in discussions. Its first meeting was in February, 1998.

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The group organizes activities such as Installfests and talks in the central region of Costa Rica, but it is in no way restricted to that area. Also, people meet monthly, generally, in places like Cafes, in San Pedro near University of Costa Rica.

Mailing Lists

This LUG has various mailing lists, among others, a main list used for discussions about Linux in general, an Activities Mailing List and a Novice Users Mailing List.

IRC Channel: #gulcr

The group has also an Internet Relay Chat channel on the freenode Network. You can access this channel through IRC server You can use #gulcr connect this link to start clients like ChatZilla on Mozilla web browsers.

Note: Naturally, the language used is Spanish as in their mailing lists.


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