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Grupo Elektra

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Traded as  BMV: ELEKTRA
Founded  1950
Revenue  75.9 billion USD (2015)
Founder  Hugo Salinas Price
Headquarters  Mexico City, Mexico
Operating income  9.194 billion USD (2015)

Type  Sociedad Anónima Bursátil
Industry  Retail, Banking, Finance
Area served  Mexico, Central America, South America
Key people  Ricardo B. Salinas, (Chairman) Fabrice Deceliere Márquez, (CEO Elektra Stores) Alejandro Valenzuela del Río, (CEO Banco Azteca) Mauro Aguirre Regis, (CFO)
Products  Home appliance, mobile phone, computers, consumer electronics, furniture, white goods, money transfers, extended warranties, ecommerce, financial services, deposits, personal loans, credit cards, commercial loans, liability insurance, life insurance, pension funds.
Stock price  ELEKTRA (BMV) MX$ 308.41 -0.11 (-0.04%)10 Mar, 3:00 PM GMT-6 - Disclaimer
Subsidiaries  Banco Azteca, Advance America Cash Advance

Igor saavedra tocando con el grupo elektra

Grupo Elektra is a Mexican leading financial and retailing corporation established by Hugo Salinas Rocha. The company has operations in Latin America and is the largest non-bank provider of cash advance services in the United States.


It is listed on the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (ELEKTRA*) and on the Spanish Stock Market Latibex (XEKT).

The Group operates more than 7,000 points of contact in Mexico, the United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Panama and El Salvador. The company operates through two divisions to satisfy the needs of its customers: commercial and financial.

Commercial Division

Grupo Elektra offers appliances, consumer electronics, furniture, motorcycles, mobile phones, computers, as well as electronic money transfer business and extended warranties, among many other products.

Elektra is the most important store format of the company. It has 1,143 points of sale throughout Mexico and Central and South America, focused to underserved social classes. The Salinas y Rocha store format has 51 stores and its target market is made of the middle class.

Grupo Elektra sells close to 1 of every 4 televisions commercialized in Mexico, 1 of every 5 refrigerators, 7 of every 10 motorcycles, and pays a substantial proportion of the electronic money transfers from the United States into Mexico.

Financial Division

It offers its services to sectors that have been underserved by traditional financial institutions through Banco Azteca, Seguros Azteca, Afore Azteca, Advance America and Punto Casa de Bolsa.

Banco Azteca operates in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama and Peru, and is the largest bank in Mexico in geographical coverage with more than 3,500 points of contact. Banco Azteca Mexico has more than 13 million of deposit accounts and a similar numbers of loan accounts.

Banco Azteca offers consumer and personal loans, credit cards, pawn lending, and group and commercial loans.

On the deposit side, the bank offers a variety of savings products for its target market, with interest-bearing accounts that can be opened with one peso and do not generate commissions.

According to the World Bank, Banco Azteca has a positive impact on the development of numerous communities through micro financing. In the 2014 Global Financial Development Report about Financial Inclusion, the World Bank indicated that after two years from the start of operations of Banco Azteca in 2002, personal income increased 7% in areas where branches were established, and unemployment decreased 1.4%, due to the increased access to credit, with lower interest rates, compared to other local and microfinance loan providers.

Also, World Bank reported the increase in income was due to the strengthening of small businesses as a result of larger access to funding, while the growth of companies generated jobs. As a result, these sources of work beneficiated low-income population segments that are the target market of Banco Azteca, which improved income distribution.

As for the other subsidiaries of Grupo Elektra, Seguros Azteca offers life and liability micro insurance that can be acquired at affordable prices in Mexico and Latin America. Afore Azteca offers pension fund management with the support of the extensive geographical coverage of Grupo Elektra. Advance America is a short-term non-bank loan provider in the United States, providing over 10 million loans annually through more than 2,000 points of sale in 29 states and, Punto Casa de Bolsa offers financial brokerage services to the middle class of the population.


  • 1950:
  • Hugo Salinas Rocha creates Elektra.
  • First Mexican company to manufacture televisions sets.
  • 1954: Starts selling merchandise on credit.
  • 1987: Ricardo B. Salinas is named CEO.
  • 1993: Begins offering electronic money transfer services.
  • 1997: Expansion into Latin America starts.
  • 1999: Retail chain Salinas y Rocha is acquired.
  • 2002: Banco Azteca Mexico starts operations.
  • 2003: Afore Azteca starts operating.
  • 2004: Seguros Azteca begins offering its services.
  • 2005: Assembly and selling of Italika-branded motorcycles starts.
  • 2012:
  • Advance America is acquired.
  • Punto Casa de Bolsa starts operations.
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