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Kingdom  Fungi
Order  Ophiostomatales
Higher classification  Ophiostomataceae
Division  Ascomycota
Family  Ophiostomataceae
Rank  Genus
Grosmannia httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Similar  Blue stain fungus, Leptographium microsporum, Ophiostoma, Ophiostomatales, Sac fungi

Grosmannia fungi kingdom

Grosmannia is a genus of fungi in the family Ophiostomataceae. It was circumscribed by G. Goid├ánich in 1936.



  • Grosmannia abiocarpa
  • Grosmannia aenigmatica
  • Grosmannia americana
  • Grosmannia aurea
  • Grosmannia cainii
  • Grosmannia clavigera
  • Grosmannia crassivaginata
  • Grosmannia cucullata
  • Grosmannia davidsonii
  • Grosmannia dryocoetis
  • Grosmannia europhioides
  • Grosmannia francke-grosmanniae
  • Grosmannia galeiformis
  • Grosmannia huntii
  • Grosmannia laricis
  • Grosmannia olivacea
  • Grosmannia pseudoeurophioides
  • Grosmannia robusta
  • Grosmannia sagmatospora
  • Grosmannia wageneri
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