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Origin  Germany
Website  Official website
Years active  1999–present
Groove Coverage Groove Coverage
Labels  Zeitgeist (Universal), Sony Music, Columbia, Suprime Music, Nagaswara (Indonesia)
Members  DJ Novus, Axel Konrad, Melanie Munch, Verena Rehm, DJ Valium
Genres  Eurodance, Dance-pop, Pop rock
Awards  Eska Music Awards: International Hit of the Year
Albums  Best of Groove Coverage, Covergirl, Greatest Hits, 21st Century, 7 Years and 50 Days

Groove coverage remember

Groove Coverage is a German dance band which consists of Axel Konrad, DJ Novus, Melanie Munch, better known as Mell (lead singer), and Verena Rehm (former stage performer, backing singer, occasional lead singer). Producers of the band are Ole Wierk and Axel Konrad. The project was founded in the summer of 2001 by DJ Novus, in co-operation with Suprime Music (Konrad). With eleven singles in the German Top 50 and over 13 million records sold worldwide, Groove Coverage is one of the most successful German dance artists.


Groove Coverage Eurodance Blog Groove Coverage

Groove coverage god is a girl

Covergirl (2001-2002)

Groove Coverage Eurodance Blog Gala Groove Coverage Aqua

Groove Coverage released a few dance singles, most notably "Are U Ready" and "Hit Me" before going on to release the breakthrough single "Moonlight Shadow" (a cover of the Mike Oldfield song) peaking at #3 in the German media control charts in June 2002. At the end of 2002, the band released their debut album Covergirl, with the follow up single "God is a Girl".

7 Years and 50 Days and international breakthrough (2003-04)

Groove Coverage Groove Coverage on Spotify

After the success of the singles "Moonlight Shadow" and "God Is A Girl", Groove Coverage went on to release a new single titled "The End", which was released in April 2003, peaking at #14 in the German Media Control Charts. In late 2003 came the next top 10 hit single, a cover of Alice Cooper's hit "Poison", followed by the second studio album 7 Years and 50 Days in March 2004, which spawned out five top 20 singles in Germany: "The End", "Poison", "7 Years and 50 Days", "She" and "Runaway".

21st Century and Greatest Hits (2005-2007)

Groove Coverage Cover art for the Groove Coverage 7 Years amp 50 Days Trance lyric

In 2005, 7 Years and 50 Days reached platinum sales in Asia, as well as being hugely successful in Indonesia. In the UK and Ireland, the band's cover of "Poison" became a top 40 hit, peaking at #32 in the Official UK Singles Chart which helped the band reach to new territories such as Spain and China, where "God Is a Girl" became the most successful song of 2007, having been downloaded more than 1.5 million times.

Groove Coverage httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu

In July 2006, the band released their third studio album 21st Century, which included their recent singles "Holy Virgin", "On the Radio" and "21st Century Digital Girl".

Groove Coverage Groove CoverageI Want It YouTube

With only moderate success with their third album, Groove Coverage did not release any more music until late 2007, where they released the single "Because I Love You" to promote their first Greatest Hits compilation. Again the band only experienced moderate success with the new single and album, and were dropped by their label Universal Music Germany.

Riot on the Dancefloor (2010-12)

In 2010, Groove Coverage celebrated their new music contract with Sony Music / Columbia. For this, they released the highly anticipated new single "Innocent", another Mike Oldfield cover. The single became the highest new entry in the German Media Control Charts, peaking at #38.

In Spring 2011, the single "Angeline" was released, peaking at #22 in the German Media Control Charts; the single proved to be a massive success for the band, staying in the German top 50 Charts for over 16 weeks, as well as peaking at #1 in both the DJ Top 100 International charts, and the MusicLoad digital charts.

In March 2012, the highly anticipated fourth studio album Riot On The Dancefloor was released.

"Tell Me", "Wait", and "Million Tears" (2013-Present)

On December 1, 2013, the band launched their new website, where they announced that they had finished work on the new single and that it would be out soon. "Tell Me" was released on 31 Jan 2014. The music video premiered a few days before its release and features many guest appearances including Rameez, DJane HouseKat, Verena Rehm, Micaela Schaefer and Shaun Baker.

On December 19, 2014, Groove Coverage surprised fans with the release of their single "Wait". A music video for the release was published on December 17, 2014.

On May 29, 2015, the band is planning to release their eighteenth single, "Million Tears". The track was originally featured on their 2002 album Covergirl, but it was never released as a single for it. The single version has been re-recorded with a new production.

Riot on the Dancefloor

Riot on the Dancefloor is the band's fifth album and resulted in four singles: "Innocent", "Angeline", "Think About the Way", and the title track.

Track listing


  • Best of Groove Coverage (CD + DVD) (2005)
  • Best of Groove Coverage: The Ultimate Collection (3 CD) (2005) (Hong Kong)
  • Greatest Hits (2006) (U.S.)
  • Greatest Hits (2 CD) (2007)
  • Poison (The Best Of Groove Coverage) (Rare Japan CD)
  • The Definitive Greatest Hits & Videos (Singapore) (2008)
  • Remixes

  • Chupa - "Arriba" (2001)
  • DJ Valium - "Bring the Beat Back" (2002)
  • X-Perience - "It's a Sin" (2002)
  • Special D - "Come with Me" (2002)
  • Silicon Bros - "Million Miles from Home" (2002)
  • Seven - "Spaceman Came Traveling" (2003)
  • DJ Cosmo - "Lovesong" (2003)
  • Sylver - "Livin' My Life" (2003)
  • Alice Cooper - "Poison" (2003)
  • Mandaryna - "Here I Go Again" (2004)
  • Sylver - "Love Is an Angel" (2004)
  • Baracuda - "Ass Up!" (2005)
  • Melanie Flash - "Halfway to Heaven" (2006)
  • N-Euro - "Lover on the Line" (2006)
  • Max Deejay vs. DJ Miko - "What's Up" (2006)
  • Baracuda - "La Di Da" (2007)
  • DJ Goldfinger - "Love Journey Deluxe" (2008)
  • Arnie B - "Another Story" (2008)
  • Arsenium - "Rumadai" (2008)
  • Master Blaster - "Everywhere" (2008)
  • N.I.N.A - "No More Tears" (2008)
  • Ayumi Hamasaki - "Vogue" (2011)
  • Kim Wilde - "It's alright" (2011)
  • Within Temptation - "Sinéad" (2011)
  • DJane Housekat feat. Rameez - "My Party" (2012)
  • Current members

    Axel Konrad (Producer) Ole Wierk (Producer) DJ Novus - DJ (1999–Present) Melanie Munch (Mell) - Lead Singer (2002–Present) Verena Rehm -Backup Singer (2002 – present)


    God Is a GirlCovergirl · 2002
    PoisonGreatest Hits · 2007
    Moonlight ShadowCovergirl · 2002


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