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Grigore Grigoriu

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Name  Grigore Grigoriu

Role  Actor
Grigore Grigoriu Grigore Grigoriu Impresii din viata si carti Svetlana

Full Name  Grigore Grigoriu
Born  April 4, 1941 (1941-04-04) Causeni, Moldova
Died  December 20, 2003, Stefan Voda
Children  Octavian Grigoriu, Traian Grigoriu
People also search for  Emil Loteanu, Boris Ivchenko, Valeriu Gajiu, Sebastian Alarcon, Aleksandr Kosarev
Movies  Gypsies Are Found Near Hea, Lautarii, A Hunting Accident, Annychka, Night Over Chile

Grigore grigoriu or causeni

Grigore Grigoriu (4 April 1941 – 20 December 2003) was a Soviet and Moldavian actor.


Grigore Grigoriu Ultimele tiri Grigore Grigoriu o statuie antic vie

Curaj tv grigore grigoriu comemorat la causeni


Grigore Grigoriu Grigore Grigoriu

Grigore Petrovich Grigoriu was born in 1941 in Căușeni, Moldova.

Grigore Grigoriu Grigore Grigoriu cavalerul cinematografiei moldoveneti

In school Grigore played in the theater, practiced sports, including boxing.

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After graduation he worked briefly as a porter at a railway.

Grigore Grigoriu Grigore Grigoriu Actor CineMagiaro

Grigore Grigoriu began his artistic career in the Bălți National Theatre where he worked for six years, from 1959 to 1965.

Grigore Grigoriu Grigore Grigoriu Actor CinemaRx

Subsequently, he worked for five years in the TV-theater "Dialogue", after 1970 at the Republican Theater of the Young Spectator "Luceafarul".

Grigore Grigoriu Grigore Grigoriu Wikipedia

His first film role was Sawa Milchan in the 1966 film by Emil Loteanu "Red Glades".

Grigore Grigoriu acted in Russia, Romania, Germany, Azerbaijan and Ukraine, performed more than seventy roles in film and theater. The most famous of his roles is Loiko Zobar in the film Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven.

Grigore Grigoriu was tragically killed in a car accident December 20, 2003 near the Moldovan village of Palanca. The actor is buried in the Central (Armenian) cemetery in Chișinău.


  • Maria si Mirabella in Tranzistoria (1989)
  • Vdvoyom na grani vremeni (1989)
  • The Morning Star (1987)
  • Kak stat znamenitym (1984)
  • Mikhail Mordkin, Anna Pavlova (1983)
  • Naydi na schastye podkovu (1983)
  • Romance with Amelie (1982)
  • Where Has Love Gone? (1981)
  • Na Granatovykh ostrovakh (1981)
  • U chertova logova (1980)
  • The Gadfly (1980)
  • Ya khochu pet (1979)
  • Anton the Magician (1978)
  • Agent of the Secret Service (1978)
  • Ich will euch sehen (1978)
  • A Hunting Accident (1978)
  • Pugachev (1978)
  • Night Over Chile (1977)
  • Queen of the Gypsies (1975)
  • Posledniy gaiduk (1972)
  • Lăutarii (1971)
  • Annychka (1968)
  • Marianna (1967)
  • Gorkie zyorna (1966)
  • Red Glades (1966)
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