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Grevillea oxyantha

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Proteaceae
Scientific name  Grevillea oxyantha
Order  Proteales
Genus  Grevillea
Rank  Species
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Similar  Grevillea irrasa, Grevillea celata, Grevillea pilosa, Grevillea bemboka, Grevillea callichlaena

Grevillea oxyantha is a plant from the Protea family, found in the cold mountain regions of southern New South Wales, Australia. The species grows from one to three metres in height. They are often found on rocky places, near cliffs or occasionally near streams. Rock types are mostly granite or quartzite. Nearby localities include Wee Jasper, Tumut, Batlow and Brown Mountain.

Leaves are mostly ovate in shape, 20 to 60 mm long, and 15 to 35 mm wide. Recognizable red Grevillea type flowers form between August and December.

Sub-species ecarinata is listed as endangered by extinction, with a ROTAP rating of 2Ei-. It grows up to 2 metres tall. The leaves of sub-species oxyantha tend to be more circular. The latter was previously known as Grevillea victoriae 'ACT form' or 'Canberra form'.


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