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Grevillea globosa

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Proteaceae
Scientific name  Grevillea globosa
Order  Proteales
Genus  Grevillea
Rank  Species
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Similar  Grevillea integrifolia, Grevillea pilosa, Grevillea diversifolia, Grevillea callichlaena, Grevillea gariwerdensis

Grevillea globosa is a shrub in the family Proteaceae. It is endemic to Western Australia, occurring in the northern wheatbelt.

It usually grows to between 1 and 3 metres in height The globose flowerheads appear between mainly between September and January and also sporadically throughout the year in the species native range .

The species was first formally described by Charles Austin Gardner in 1964 in the Journal of the Royal Society of Western Australia. The type specimen was collected by Fred Lullfitz to the north of Pindar.


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