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Gretsch 6128

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Manufacturer  Gretsch
Body type  Solid
Neck  Usually mahogany Maple
Period  1955–present
Neck joint  Set neck
Gretsch 6128
Body  Mahogany (often with a maple top) Swamp ash (rare)

The Gretsch 6128 (Duo Jet) is a chambered solid body electric guitar manufactured by Gretsch since the mid-1950s.



Made of a chambered mahogany body, the Duo Jet model 6128 is one of Gretsch's most sought after guitars. One of the most notable differences between the Duo Jet and comparable guitars is in its configuration variations. While it shares their dual pickup, single cutaway style with the more popular Gibson Les Paul, the 6128 Duo Jet models take various unique approaches for shaping the tonality of the instrument.

While a master volume is standard on this model, some variations will have either independent neck/bridge pickup volume knobs with a master tone knob, or the same independent neck/bridge volume knobs, with a tone switch next to the pickup selector switch rather than the master tone knob.

The versions with a master tone knob are equipped with Dynasonic (aka DeArmond) pickups, which are extremely popular for a classic full-bodied, low frequency tone. Most associated with the sound of guitarist Duane Eddy, Dynasonics are single coil pickups, and have been used on certain Gretsch models since the 1950s. Most models of the guitar come equipped with a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece in conjunction with a rocker bridge.

The most famous example of this Duo Jet was played by George Harrison during The Beatles' early days in Hamburg, and on their first few albums. Harrison also posed with the guitar for the cover of his 1987 solo album, Cloud Nine.

The tone switch versions of the Duo Jet come equipped with Gretsch's own Filtertron humbucker pickup made popular by country music guitarist Chet Atkins, and are still in demand to this day. Notable players of this version include David Gilmour of Pink Floyd as well as George Harrison.


  • G6128 - Filtertron pickups, no Bigsby tailpiece
  • G6128T - Bigsby and Filtertron pickups
  • G6128T-DS - Bigsby and Dynasonic pickups, Rosewood fingerboard, originally based on 1957 version, currently based on 1955 version
  • G6128-DS - Dynasonic pickups, no bigsby, Rosewood fingerboard
  • G6128T-DCM - Bigsby and Filtertron pickups, Double Cut-away, Dark Cherry Metallic, Ebony Fretboard
  • G6128-1962 - Double cutaway version of the Duo Jet, equipped with Bigsby and Filtertron pickups
  • G6128TCG - Bigsby and Dynasonic pickups, in a Cadillac Green finish with Gold hardware
  • G6128TVP - aka the "Power Jet" Pickups are upgraded to TV Jones Power'Trons
  • G6128T-TVP - Bigsby equipped version of the Power Jet
  • G6128T 6 12 - Double-necked six- and twelve-string guitar with 4 Filtertron pickups.
  • G6128T-GH - Custom shop and standard versions of George Harrison's Duo Jet. The custom shop version is designed and built to appear like George Harrison's original appears today. Standard version has the color scheme of Harrison's guitar and features his signature on truss-rod cover. Both versions include all black body and moved bottom strap pin.
  • Other versions

    "Silver Jet"

  • G6129 - topped with silver sparkle drum material. Same features as the standard G6128 Duo Jet
  • G6129T - equipped with Bigsby
  • G6129-1957 - Rosewood finger board, Dynasonic pickups, and no Bigsby
  • G6219T-1957 - Rosewood finger board, Dyansonic pickups, with Bigsby
  • G6219T-1962 - Double cutaway version, with Bigsby and Filtertrons
  • "Round Up"

  • G6130 - Orange stain, leather bound with western motif carved into the leather, G Branded body, Dynasonic pickups, gold hardware, Rosewood fretboard, no Bigsby
  • "Jet Firebird"

  • G6131 - Duo Jet in Fire Red finish, with Filtertrons, no Bigsby
  • G6131T - Fire Red, with Bigsby and Filtertron pickups
  • G6131TVP - "Power Jet" version with TV Jones Power'Tron pickups, pinned bridge, Schaller strap locks
  • G6131T-TVP - "Power Jet" version with TV Jones Power'Tron pickups, pinned bridge, Sperzel locking tuners, Schaller strap locks, and a Bigsby tailpiece
  • Rock Band controller

    A replica of George Harrison's Duo Jet is the basis for a guitar controller for The Beatles: Rock Band.


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