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Great spider crab

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Kingdom  Animalia
Subphylum  Crustacea
Infraorder  Brachyura
Scientific name  Hyas araneus
Rank  Species
Phylum  Arthropoda
Order  Decapoda
Family  Oregoniidae
Higher classification  Hyas
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Similar  Hyas, Crab, Crustacean, Hyas coarctatus, Decapoda

The great spider crab, Hyas araneus, is a species of crab found in northeast Atlantic waters and the North Sea, usually below the tidal zone.

Great spider crab Great spider crab Hyas araneus Biopix photoimage 75872

In 1986, two specimens were captured at the South Shetland Islands off the Antarctic Peninsula, apparently transported by human agency. It has been feared that the species would have an adverse effect on the native fauna, but there have been no further captures from the region since the 1986 specimens.

Great spider crab WoRMS Photogallery

The great spider crab can moult and get rid of their outer shell/skin. The spider crab will pull is self of its outer layer. This can take some time but it lets them grow to great size. After they moult they are very vulnerable to predators because of a very soft exoskeleton.

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