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Grafing station

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Station code  2240
IBNR  8002347
Address  85567 Grafing, Germany
Platforms in use  6
DS100 code  MGB
Category  3
Opened  15 October 1871
Grafing station
Location  Grafing Bahnhof, Grafing, Bavaria Germany
Line(s)  Munich–Rosenheim (KBS 950 / 951 / 999.4) Grafing–Wasserburg (KBS 948 / 999.4) Grafing–Glonn (closed)
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Germany flowers honour victim of stabbing at grafing station

Grafing station (German: Grafing Bahnhof) is a station in the Bavarian town of Grafing and a station of the Munich S-Bahn. There is also the S-Bahn station of Grafing Stadt ("Grafing town") in central Grafing. The station has six platform tracks and is classified by Deutsche Bahn as a category 3 station. It is served daily by about 160 trains, 110 of which are S-Bahn trains. Grafing station is on the Munich–Rosenheim railway and is the beginning of the Grafing–Wasserburg railway to Wasserburg.



The station is in the west of the village of Grafing Bahnhof ("Grafing station"), which is to the west of the town of Grafing. The station building is on the Hauptstraße (main street); in front of the station the streets of Birkenstraße and Brünnsteinstraße branch off the Hauptstraße. To the south, state road 2351 passes under the railway tracks. There is a bus station in front of the station.


Grafing station was opened along with the Munich–Rosenheim railway on 15 October 1871. The new line replaced the Bavarian Maximilian's Railway between Munich and Rosenheim and made the detour via Holzkirchen and the Mangfall valley unnecessary. A branch line from Grafing to Glonn was opened on 26 May 1894. This was followed by the opening of another branch line to Ebersberg on 6 November 1899, which was extended to Wasserburg on 1 October 1903. Passenger services on the Grafing–Glonn line were closed on 31 May 1970 due to declining passenger numbers and freight operations on the line ended on 23 May 1971. The station was integrated in the Munich S-Bahn network on 28 May 1972, the S-Bahn trains run over the Munich–Rosenheim line to Grafing station and then run over the Grafing–Wasserburg line to Ebersberg. The station was upgraded for S-Bahn operations in 1972. Since 1999, services between Munich East station and Grafing run on the S-Bahn's own tracks, which run parallel to the main line.


Grafing station has six tracks on three platforms. Platform track 1 is located next to the station building and is served by the S-Bahn to Munich. The S-Bahn to Ebersberg and trains to Wasserburg stop on track 2. Regional trains on the Munich–Rosenheim line towards Munich stop on track 3. Trains towards Rosenheim stop on track 5. Track 4 and the bay platform 11 (which is attached to platform 1) are no longer used in scheduled operations. All platforms are covered, and have digital destination displays. The platforms are connected by a tunnel to platform 1. Platform 1 and the first island platform are equipped with lifts, and have barrier-free access for the disabled; the second island platform (tracks 4 and 5) do not have barrier-free access. The entrance building has a travel centre, which is accessible from the side of platform 1. The main hall of the station building is no longer open to the public.

Platform lengths and heights are as follows:

  • Track 11: Length 146 m, height 76 cm
  • Track 1: length 221 m, height 96 cm
  • Track 2: length 334 m, height 96 cm
  • Track 3: length 334 m, height 76 cm
  • Track 4: length 360 m, height 76 cm
  • Track 5: length 360 m, height 76 cm
  • Rail services

    Grafing station is served every hour by the Meridian, a Regional-Express by the Bayerische Oberlandbahn operated with Flirt 3 EMUs. Until 2013 it was operated with class 111 electric locomotives hauling double-deck or Silberling carriages. Extra trains run every hour as Meridian between Munich, Rosenheim and Kufstein. Formerly used class 425 EMUs or class 111 locomotives hauling Silberling carriages. Regioanlbahn services operated by SüdostBayernBahn with class 628 run every two hours between Grafing and Wasserburg. In addition, Munich S-Bahn line 4 service are operated with class 423 EMUs at 20 minute intervals. All InterCity trains and most of the Meridian to/from Salzburg, pass through the station without stopping.


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