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Gothenburg Film Festival

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Gothenburg, Sweden

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Dragon Award Best Nordic Film, The Ingmar Bergman International Debut Award, etc.

No. of films
circa 450 films from 70 countries (in 2012), 10 theaters, and many other venues

2017 Göteborg International Film Festival

Göteborg Film Festival (earlier Göteborg International Film Festival, shortened GIFF) is an annual film festival in Gothenburg, Sweden and the largest film event in Scandinavia. When it was launched in 1979 it showed 17 films on 3 screens and had 3,000 visitors. Today, the film festival takes place over 10 days each year at the end of January and beginning of February. In later years around 450 films from 60 countries are screened for 115,000 visitors. The film festival is also an important market place for the contractors in the movie industry.


Gothenburg film festival 2003 30 years anniversary


Dragon Awards

  • Dragon Award Best Nordic Film (Nordiska filmpriset)
  • Dragon Award Best Nordic Documentary Film (since 2013)
  • The Ingmar Bergman International Debut Award
  • Dragon Award Best Nordic Film – Audience Choice (Nordiska Filmpriset – Publikens val)
  • Dragon Award Best Swedish Documentary
  • Dragon Award Best Feature Film - Audience Choice
  • Dragon Award New Talent
  • Other Awards at the Göteborg International Film Festival

  • Best Swedish Short Award (Startsladden, kortfilmspris)
  • Best Swedish Short Award - Audience Award (Publikens val – Kortfilm)
  • The Lorens Award
  • Kodac Nordic Vision Award
  • Best Swedish Feature - The Church Of Sweden Film Award (Svenska Kyrkans filmpris)
  • Fipresci Award
  • Best Swedish Novella Film Award (Novellfilmstävlingen)
  • Best Swedish Novella Film - Audience Award (Publikens val - Novellfilm)
  • Best Swedish Feature - The City Of Gothenburg Award (Göteborgs Stora Filmpris)
  • The Mai Zetterling Grant (Mai Zetterling-stipendiet)
  • Nordic Film Prize (Nordiska Filmmusikpriset SKAP Musikdramatikpris)
  • The Golden Dragon (Gyllene draken)
  • Lars Molin Grant
  • Dragon Award for Best Nordic Film

    The festival's main award is the Dragon Award for Best Nordic Film, which can be won for feature film productions from the Nordic countries. The following films have received the award:

    Festival program

    The festival is made up of several film sections. Films are chosen in each category with the advice of a committee of film experts. Categories have included:

    Animation featuring short and long animated films.


    Debuts where debutees can be discovered.

    Focus featuring a region or theme in focus for that year. In 2012 focus was on Arab film and the Arab Spring.

    Festival Favorites is a selection of the most liked and prized films that have been shown at festivals throughout the world during the past year.

    Five Continents showing films from all categories and unconditionally traveling the globe to find the best films.

    Gala featuring great films, great directors, red carpets and Oscar nominees.

    HBTQ - a collection of various films that all depict untraditional love or non-heterosexual roles.

    Nordic Competition focusing on new Nordic feature-films competing for the festival's Nordic Film Prize (100,000 SEK).

    Nordic Light including the best of the Sweden's four Nordic neighboring countries.

    Swedish World Premiers with feature-films and documentaries being shown to general audiences for the first time.

    Swedish Pictures often including circa 100 Swedish short-films.


    Gothenburg Film Festival Wikipedia

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