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Gotee Records

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Parent company  Zealot Networks
Official website
Founded  1994
Country of origin  United States
Parent organization  Zealot Networks
Founders  TobyMac, Joey Elwood
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Distributor(s)  EMI Christian Music Group 1994-2008 Warner Bros. Records 2008-
Genre  Pop rock, contemporary Christian music, Christian rap, Christian rock
Artists  Relient K, Capital Kings, Jamie Grace, Hollyn, Ryan Stevenson
Albums  Mmhmm, Ready to Fly, Five Score and Seven Years Ago, One Song at a Time, The Anatomy of the Tong

Gotee Records (established 1994) is a record label founded by dc Talk member Toby McKeehan (professionally known as TobyMac), Todd Collins, and Joey Elwood. The label began as a production company.


Formation of Gotee

McKeehan and Collins intended to produce Out of Eden's Lovin' the Day, but they couldn't find a label to sign the act to, and so formed Gotee Records and began distributing the band's material on their own. The label was a part of EMI Christian Music Group. However, they bought back EMI's minority share to become fully independent again as of March 31, 2008. Toby McKeehan is currently the president of the company and as of 2009, the label is currently distributed by Warner Bros. Records.

McKeehan got the name "Gotee" from the song "Socially Acceptable" on dc Talk's album Free at Last. A member of the band GRITS was doing the background vocals, and he was saying, "Let it go, T, let it go." ("T" refers to Toby). McKeehan happened to be growing a goatee on his face at the time, and when Mark Heimermann pointed out the coincidence, he decided to name his new record company, "Gotee Records".

However, McKeehan does not publish his own albums under this title; instead he publishes his own records under the same label dc Talk was signed to, ForeFront Records. He owns the name the Gotee Bros.

In May 2015 Gotee was acquired by Zealot Networks. Zealot's Nashville office is headed by former Gotee artist John Reuben. As part of the acquisition Gotee is still operated independently.

Current artists

  • Capital Kings
  • Finding Favour
  • Hollyn
  • Ryan Stevenson
  • Former artists

  • 4th Avenue Jones (disbanded)
  • Abandon Kansas (active, independent)
  • Andy Zipf (active, with P is for Panda Records)
  • Ayiesha Woods (active, independent)
  • B. Reith (active, currently independent)
  • Christafari (active, on Soul of Zion Entertainment)
  • Curious Fools (disbanded)
  • Deepspace5 (active, on Deepspace5 Records)
  • DJ Maj (active, on Tractor-Beam Records)
  • Family Force 5 (active, currently Independent)
  • Fighting Instinct (disbanded)
  • Flynn Adam (active, independent)
  • The Gotee Bros. (disbanded, side project of tobyMac of DC Talk)
  • GRITS (on hiatus)
  • House of Heroes (active, currently independent)
  • I Am Terrified (active, currently independent)
  • Jeff Anderson (active)
  • Jeff Deyo (active, on Indelible Creative Group)
  • Jennifer Knapp (active, currently unsigned)
  • John Reuben (active, currently Independent)
  • Johnny Q. Public (disbanded)
  • The Katinas (active, unsigned)
  • Knowdaverbs (changed name to Verbs; currently with 1280 Music)
  • L.A. Symphony (on hiatus; members now performing solo)
  • Liquid (active, unsigned)
  • Mars ILL (active, on Deepspace5 Records)
  • Our Heart's Hero (active, currently independent)
  • Out of Eden (disbanded)
  • Paul Wright (active, unsigned)
  • Relient K (active, on Mono Vs Stereo Records)
  • Sarah Kelly (active, currently an owner of Sarah Kelly Music School)
  • Sonicflood (active on Resonate Records)
  • Stephanie Smith (on hiatus; currently in Copperlily)
  • StorySide:B (disbanded)
  • Jamie Grace (active independent)
  • Morgan Harper Nichols (active independent)
  • Compilations

  • Gotee Records presents: Showcase
  • We Are Hip Hope
  • Freaked! A Tribute to dc Talk's Jesus Freak
  • Gotee Records Freshman Class 2000
  • Gotee Records: The Soundtrack
  • Ten Years Brand New
  • Gotee Night Out
  • Hip Hope Hits collection
  • Tis the Season to be Gotee
  • Tis the Season to be Gotee Too
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